Come find your POWER and inner strength through Vinyasa style yoga! Linking breath to movement; this class offers a variety of poses with creative, intelligent, and playful sequencing. This dynamic practice will benefit your body and mind, increasing physical and mental: strength, stamina, flexibility, presence, balance and much more.

Our instructor Rose is able to give you options to match your ability ranging from basic poses for beginners like me up through more advanced progressions for the seasoned yoga practitioner.

The classes will be offered on Wednesday evening at 6:15 pm.


Yoga is a tremendous compliment to the other training we offer at FIT and I personally have already been noticing benefits from just the short time I have been practicing.  I have experienced an improvement in my ability to throw kicks as well as a bit of a decrease in my stress level.  I’m sure you too will be pleasantly surprised with the ways yoga can help you!

Free Demo Class: Feel free to bring your friends and family!  Please note, if you bring a friend that decides to sign up, you will get $5 off your 6 week block!

Wednesday 6/14/17 6:00-7:00 pm

For more information, click here!

The next 6-week block of yoga:


Wednesday 6:05-7:05 pm from 6/21/17 – 7/26/17


FIT Members:

$59 for the 6-week block

$12 Drop-in


$69 for the 6-week block

$15 drop-in

For those of you that do not know Rose, we go way back and have a significant history working together. We shot this little video to give you some insight into how our path’s have been intertwined over the years.  Babies seem to be involved in all aspects of my life now, so be forewarned that there may be some squeaking!

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Please email for questions or to register and reserve your spot!

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