Treadmill to Nowhere…

This is a special guest post and the first in a series.  Good stuff to come…

Somewhere close to where I live there is a gym.  It’s a pretty average gym.  You walk in and see wall-to-wall rubber floor mats, treadmills stretching into the distance, a few weight benches, TV sets dangling from the ceiling all over the place, and some radio station offering music from the 80’s and 90’s is playing just loud enough to hear.  You can’t quite make out the words to the songs, but every once in a while you might get lucky and hear a song you recognize.  Who knows?  There is a counter just to your right where you go first and in some form or another punch in, essentially.  It’s a lot like a job.  Every day the same person sits behind this counter and tries to hide the soda behind their chair, and they sort of smile as you come in.  You recognize each other but don’t want to admit that you still don’t know each other’s first names.  Now it’s time to find your way to your exercise cubicle, and hoping against hope that your favorite treadmill is free, you make your way down the aisle between large, sweaty faces on your right and large, sweaty butts on your left.  It’s not exactly the highlight of your day.

The people that surround you in this gym all have the same look that they do every day: a sort of blank, tired, soggy, expression that is aimed in the direction of the TV nearest them.  It occurs to you that their bodies haven’t really changed in the last year either.  For instance, there’s “that guy over there” (you don’t know his name) who is wheezing as he is locked in mortal combat with the same stair stepper that he has been for months.  Come to think of it, you’ve never even seen him leave.  Maybe he does this eternally, like some sort of gym-chain hell.  But regardless, he still is pouring sweat over that thing like a waterfall and his love handles still stick out around his middle like he has a life preserver on under his shirt.  And then there’s “that guy,” the one who lives in the free-weight section.  He’s been doing curls for about twenty-five years now, only stopping periodically to flex in the mirror.  His arms are pretty good, but the rest of his body just sort of hangs between those carefully cultivated baseballs as though it is just the display stand and really of no importance.  It’s all a little depressing.

Not getting too far, eh? Ever get this feeling?

You may know a gym like this because maybe you live close to one too.  Maybe this is the place you go to a few times a week, working and straining towards a goal that sometimes you get really close to but that then seems to slip away just out of reach.  You would love to be one of those “fit people,” to feel good and healthy and confident, but you just can’t quite seem to get there.  Sound familiar?  It sure does to me; too familiar.  You may be wondering as read this just who I am.  My name is Adam, and I am a new member at Fun Intelligent Training (F.I.T.) in Concord, NH.  I have done the “gym thing,” spent my time in the exercise cubicle, and still never seen the other side of the wall between me and my fitness goals.  I have heard, however, that something else is offered at F.I.T., something that is radically different than the mundane and monotonous pattern of the normal gym.  So, here I am to find out for myself.

If you want to, please follow this blog.  I will use it to share my experiences each week as I jump into F.I.T. headfirst.  If you are already a member, you may be able to identify with my observations and thoughts, maybe even with my goals as well as I spell them out in future blogs.  If you just stumbled across this, then either you are simply enjoying reading about the struggles and triumphs of someone who wants to be in shape, or maybe you are thinking about joining F.I.T. yourself.  You have my permission to use me as your personal guinea pig.  Either way, stay tuned…  It’s sure to be an interesting trip.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you get into the best shape of your life without EVER stepping foot on a treadmill, contact us today for your free orientation:



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