The Great Salt Debacle of 2016

As some of you know, I have been training pretty hard for the Tap Cancer Out Tournament that takes place tomorrow.  (If you are willing to make a tax deductible donation to the fundraiser, you can do so here :) The deadline for all donations is tonight: Friday, 8/26 at midnight!) When I made the decision to get my ass in gear in April I weighed 213 pounds and my competition mandates that I weigh in at 181 pounds, so this has been a long road to say the least.


183.8 on Wednesday

I’ve been on a very diligent plan this whole time with a BIG emphasis on consistency in everything that I am doing (You can read more about what I have been doing here), especially with my eating habits.

I have been following the amazing nutrition plan that we have developed and have been seeing a very steady reduction in my weight over the past few months.  Here is a little tidbit that I posted in the group last week that I’d like for you to be aware of:


“Here’s an example of how fickle this journey can be. As I mentioned a few days ago, once I got to within a couple of pounds of my goal, my objective was to maintain close to that weight so I added back in a couple of week 2 options and have *slightly* increased my serving sizes. My activities have remained the same.

Imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale this morning and saw that I gained 4 pounds!



I was OVER 188 at one point within 2 days of eating excess salt!

Nope. In all reality, it is a very simple thing. We ran out of salt and a I bought a new jar. This salt, however, is much more coarse than the last, and as such me adding what I thought was a similar amount to everything I prepped this week ended up being much more…and as we know excess salt promotes fluid retention.

I’m confident that as this batch of food dwindles I’ll see that number drop pretty drastically over the next couple of days. Good thing I figured this out now, as this would have caused me to have a heart attack if it were later in the week as I was getting ready to compete.

Bottom like: Even though I’ve been about as dedicated as possible and have had consistent progress toward my goal, the smallest and seemingly silly thing can throw a wrench in the works. Do not get down on yourself if the number isn’t moving in the direction you want. Sit down, HONESTLY evaluate what you have been doing and get back to work!”


14045831_1438630656153607_3129948714928331135_nI know, I know!  We are always telling people not to focus on the number on the scale and that if you keep doing what you are supposed to do, it will happen!  Normally I don’t weigh myself frequently, however, knowing that I need to hit a specific weight on a specific date has led to me stepping on that bad boy more frequently than normal.

My point in this is that no 14063773_1436219253061414_8105307822241830139_nmatter how dedicated you are, there will inevitably be some speed bumps in the road.  It is your responsibility to identify the reason, and buck up and keep moving on.  Hopefully you will learn a lesson from the little hiccup and as such you will not make it again in the future.  I sure as hell will remember this one!

This does have a happy ending, as once I finished up the food I prepped on that day my weight shot back down as my body started to release all of the excess water it was holding on to and I weighed in UNDER my weight Wednesday!

Bottom line: Don’t get frustrated and stay the course.  Making any sort of meaningful and lasting change takes time, effort and consistency!  Challenges WILL occur and you WILL overcome them!

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