Ruck Challenge

Ruck picAMAZING JOB by everyone that participated in last month’s Row Challenge!

This month is about as easy as it gets.

Get a pack and load it up. Textbooks are a great ballast. Take said pack and walk or hike a set number of miles that you choose, while focusing on maintaining proper posture at all times.  That simple…well, sorta.

Everyone will be a bit different, but I can give you some ballpark ideas.  If you want more specifics touch base with me and we can drill it down further.

For most people it will be a good idea to start with 10-15 pounds and as you get comfortable you can add 5-10 pounds per week.  Don’t get too overzealous and go too heavy too fast.  This is intended to make you feel good, not to smoosh you into submission week 1, so take it easy and add as you get used to it.  Right now my baby-in-a-backpack setup weighs between 40-45 pounds depending and I can wear it for 2-3 hours at a wack…but that has taken quite some time to work up to.Isaac, MAx and I sunset hike

You may want to titrate into it mileage wise as well.  Start with less distance to get used to wearing the pack, as it can be very taxing to the upper back and shoulders if you are not accustomed to wearing one.

Track your mileage daily.  In the past I used Map My Run as it is free and easy, and I am using a Fitbit now.  You can do so any way you want as long as it will accurately track your mileage.

Post a picture of some type of awesomeness you came across along your walk or some type of insight that you thought about during your walk (see below), as well as your total miles for the week on Facebook and check in at Fun Intelligent Training.


Just like last month, the goal of doing these is to get in good HABITS!!!!

Get out in the cold.  You live in NH, there is absolutely no excuse to stay inside and hibernate for 6 months. I understand that sometimes it gets cold here.  Dress appropriately and GO OUTSIDE!  If you are really looking to dial in your cold weather attire, I spent entirely too much time last winter explaining the system that I have come up with that keeps me nice and warm and toasty while being active in the great out of doors.  You can see that here.

Here are some things to think about:

This will be phenomenal for your posture.

Take your pup(s) out!

This is great training for Hiking.

Socialization: round up as many people as you can and drag them along.  Peer pressure goes both ways, you can pressure people to improve their lives, not just drink and do drugs!

Listen to a podcast/audio book.  I can’t tell you how many hundreds of hours of knowledge I have crammed into my tiny little brain just by listening to stuff while I walk.

Contemplation time:  There is no better time or place to think.  Period.

Breathing exercises: Example-Breathe 5 Seconds in, hold 5 seconds, 5 Seconds out.

Work on being present and look for little things to appreciate.

Planning, contemplating, daydreaming.

This is a great excuse to explore different places.

Once again, here is a breakdown of some examples of mileage.


ScreenHunter_209 Feb. 01 12.00ScreenHunter_209 Feb. 01 12.27The cool thing with these challenges is that you can keep on going with previous challenges as well.  For example, you can plan to keep on a’swinging a couple of days per week and maybe pop in some rowing a couple of additional days. This will help to keep you in the habits that you worked so hard to develop.

As an example, the loop leaving the gym, taking a left and going through the butterfly sanctuary through the other end of Chenell, take a right onto Regional drive, a right onto Industrial drive, right back onto Chenell and then back to the gym is 1.99 miles.  A lap around the building gets you to a solid 2 miles.

One of our normal walks at home is just a standard out and back.  We know that when we hit a specific mailbox it is one mile from the house and then we can turn and head home.  I’ve got another route that is up a big hill that gives me a 4 mile round trip, and as of late I’ve been going out and exploring a giant piece of vacant land near the house and just bushwacking down old logging trails.  I don’t necessarily care where you go, just find a route and make it happen!

Here is some info on the “simple” changes I have made to lose 30+ pounds and subsequently keep it off. Walking with a pack has been a HUGE part of the process for me.

Ok, that was a ton of info…so who’s in?

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