Row Challenge

7398People killed the Swing Challenge and we are rolling right into February with a new one for you by popular demand! This month will be a row challenge and is super simple: row as far as you can over the course of the month!

As always, anything done during class counts, but much of the time will need to be planned on your own time.

You are welcome to come in before and after classes or even during a class that we are not using the rowers.

Below are some examples of what you would need to row daily and weekly in order to hit a specific monthly goal.  These numbers don’t need to be set in stone, but will give you a basic idea as to what you may want to shoot for.

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Once again, these challenges are designed to get you in the habit of getting up and sticking to a goal that you set for yourself.  The consistency is what truly makes a difference in maintaining physical fitness across the lifespan, and these little challenges are ways to build habit practice into your life…and that type of practice done consistently over time make magic happen!

Once again, upon completion of your day please use #FITrowchallenge on Facebook and/or Instagram to update your progress so that everyone involved can stay up to speed on your journey!

I have concocted a spreadsheet that will help you to track and tally your distance.  I can’t figure out how to attach it here, but I’ll send it out in an email.  If you would like a copy, please shoot me a message and I’ll get it out to you:

For those of you that participated in last month’s challenge, please forward me your swing totals!


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