Kettlebell Athletics Certification and Advanced Seminar

Jason C. Brown from Kettlebell Athletics and I have been going back and forth for months now trying to figure out when we can host the next Kettlebell Certification. Both of our schedules are so hectic that this has been quite the process.

Remind me and I’ll tell you a funny and slightly embarrassing story about how he made me look like a fool when we first met at the end of this post.  Oh yeah, focus. Back at it then.

For those of you that are not in the know, JCB is one of the foremost kettlebell training experts in the world and he travels all over teaching professionals how to best use kettlebells in their programming.  The picture below is from the certification we hosted in 2010 and the people hanging on his every word traveled from all over the east coast and Canada just to spend 2 days learning from him.

Well, your wait is over.  JCB is coming to FIT to host the Kettlebell Athletics Level 1 Certification for Fitness Professionals on Saturday April 14th 2012.  He will also be here Sunday the 15th to facilitate Advanced Kettlebell Applications for Power & Sport.

The Level 1 certification is for Fitness Professionals and those looking to learn how to properly instruct others in kettlebell work.  The advanced Seminar is for anyone that is competent in basic kettlebell work and looking to take their training to the next level (all fit members should seriously consider participating in this seminar).

If you are interested in attending both events, you can get info on a discounted rate at the bottom of this page.

There are so many people trying to cash in on the “cool new fad” of kettlebell training these days.  For me, if someone promotes kettlebells in that manner then it immediately throws up a red flag.  Kettlebells are not new, so why listen to someone who just recently become aware of them? Bogus.

I prefer to learn from established veterans who have practical experience with what they teach.  JCB is a practicing Judo and BJJ player and has coached some of the best grapplers in the world toward better sport specific fitness.

If you want to get a huge head start I highly recommend you check out Kettlebell Training  for BJJ 2.0.  This is an amazing compilation of information that has had a huge impact on my programming and I know it will do the same for you.

Ok, as promised I will tell you how JCB punked me when we first met. Some of you may know that my Portuguese is not top notch and that Vanessa is not enthused with that fact.  Guilty as charged.

So we are in Louisville for a conference and went out to diner as a big group after the first day.  We are surrounded by some of the biggest names in the fitness game.  Zach Even-Esh is to my left as full of energy as you would expect and this much more reserved dude I didn’t know but who seemed integral to the goings-on was seated right across from us.

All of a sudden he realized Vanessa had a strong accent and he begins speaking fluent Portuguese to her!  WTF, this dude is kinda pissing me off! I’m already in the dog house for not studying and he goes and rubs it in.

Come to find out the dude I didn’t know is apparently who I have unknowingly been basing my life goals upon.  This is actually kind of freaky how many similarities I found as I got to know him better.

He is married to a Brazilian, has the same degree as me, loves pit bulls, plays judo and jiu-jitsu, owns a gym, travels around the world teaching and coaching, has a bunch of websites…you get the picture.  I have basically been copying a dude I don’t know.  He is cooler than me and to top it all off speaks fluent Portuguese.  What an ASSHOLE!!!!

Just kidding.  He’s such an asshole that we had him stay at our house when he came up for the last cert.  I’m sure most of you have no clue what brigadeiro is, (A Brazilian dessert made with condensed milk, chocolate powder and butter) but JCB sure does.  Vanessa made him some and this picture is of him eating it for BREAKFAST!  Naughty boy!

Ok, now you know that JCB is cooler than I am so check out Kettlebell Training  for BJJ 2.0 and let me know what you think.

If you are interested in Kettlebell Athletics Level 1 Certification for Fitness Professionals or the Advanced Kettlebell Applications for Power & Sport seminar, please click the above links.  If you are interested in attending both days JCB has been generous enough to offer a discounted rate.  Please visit this link and scroll to the bottom of this page to access it.


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