February Ruck Challenge

AMAZING JOB by everyone that participated in last month’s Swing Challenge!  You can read more about that here.

This month is about as easy as it gets.

2016-02-01 11.43.56Get a pack and load it up so that it weighs 15 pounds.     (<<<<What are the odds that the stack of books I grabbed turned out like this?) Take said pack and walk or hike a set number of miles that you choose while focusing on maintaining proper posture at all times.  That simple.

You may want to titrate into it.  Start with less distance to get used to wearing the pack, as it can be very taxing to the upper back and shoulders if you are not accustomed to wearing one.

Track your mileage daily.  I use Map My Run as it is free and easy, but you can do so any way you want. Post a picture of some type of awesomeness you came across along your walk or some type of insight that you thought about during your walk as well as your total miles for the week on Facebook and check in at Fun Intelligent Training.


Just like last month, the goal of doing these is to get in good HABITS!!!!2016-01-04 16.18.24

Get out in the cold.  You live in NH, there is absolutely no excuse to stay inside and hibernate for 6 months. I understand that sometimes it gets cold here.  Dress appropriately and GO OUTSIDE!  If you are really looking to dial in your cold weather attire, I spent entirely too much time last winter explaining the system that I have come up with that keeps me nice and warm and toasty while being active in the great out of doors.  You can see that here.

This will be phenomenal for your posture.

Take your pup(s) out!

This is great training for Hiking, and maybe some of you will even snag a couple of winter hikes.

Socialization: round up as many people as you can and drag them along.  Peer pressure goes both ways, you can pressure people to improve their lives, not just to do drugs!

Listen to a podcast/audio book.  I can’t tell you how many hundreds of hours of knowledge I have crammed into my tiny little brain just by listening to stuff while I walk.

Contemplation time:  There is no better time or place to think.  Period.

Once again, here is a breakdown of some examples of mileage.


ScreenHunter_209 Feb. 01 12.00ScreenHunter_209 Feb. 01 12.27I plan to keep on a’swinging, likely to the tune of 250 swings 3 or so days per week as well as shooting for the 5 day, 2 mile per day option with some bonus work to get to at least 50 miles.

As an example, the loop leaving the gym, taking a left and going through the butterfly sanctuary through the other end of Chenell, take a right onto Regional drive, a right onto Industrial drive, right back onto Chenell and then back to the gym is 1.99 miles.  A lap around the building gets you to a solid 2 miles.

Our normal walk at home is just a standard out and back.  We know that when we hit a specific mailbox it is one mile from the house and then we can turn and head home.  Find a route and make it happen!

Who’s in?

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  • David Denis says:

    Last summer I gave myself a stair running challenge using stairs in a downtown parking garage. After hitting my initial goal, I reduced the time/reps and added load by running with a loaded pack. Just so happens I started with 15 lbs.

    I picked up some pea gravel cheap at a home store. One quart sandwich bag full of pea gravel and covered with duct tape weighs about 2.5 lbs. Six of those makes 15 lbs. I can easily make more and then load or unload to add or reduce weight for whatever I’m doing. A cheap pack from Goodwill or some other used clothing store serves well. I can get it sweaty and throw it in the wash periodically when it gets too smelly.

    Just an option for people trying to figure how to do their ruck. BTW — I think I’m in. I’m figuring out to what level. Thanks for throwing this out there.

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