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Thank you for your interest in Evolve Your Eating, an online nutrition Jim Eatoneducation program developed in cooperation with Jim Eaton from Evolutionary Eaton.

Evolve Your Eating is intended to be something that you WILL be able to follow, no matter your previous experience!

No supplements, no starving yourself, just delectable, glorious whole foods.

How It Works:

You will work to eliminate a handful of foods to get you gradually used to making changes and to begin learning how your body reacts to certain foods.

In this second stage, you will be guided to eliminate a few more foods and build on the new habits you have developed! The goal is to reduce the amount of processed foods you eat to allow the body to adapt to running on natural ingredients. You’ll feel what it’s like when your body is operating properly – the way it was designed to function!

Finally, you will learn how to slowly and systematically reintroduce select foods (preferably one at a time), so you find out firsthaeric-mcneilnd and FAST what does and does not agree with your body. That will allow you to determine if a given food is worth eating moving forward.

You’ll figure out what foods you should and shouldn’t be eating in order to maintain your optimum energy levels, weight-related goals (loss, maintenance and, believe it or not, some people want to gain weight), ideal health, and more.

Our goal for participants is this: we want you to learn how to implement all the great nutrition information you’ve gotten for the long-term so you look, feel, and move better than you ever thought possible, and enjoy the process!

Are You Ready to Take Control?

Signing Up Is Easy!

For just $39.95 you’ll have access to the Northeast’s most supportive, informative online group run by Jim Eaton, NTP.

  • Every module, you will receive a syllabus including all of the pertinent info, recipes and your approved foods list. Additionally, all of your questions will be answered as you go.
  • Each day, you’ll receive tips for working your way through the program, and be supported by the dozens of others who are working the program right alongside you.

This program makes getting healthy easy, affordable, and accessible to everyone – no matter where you live or what your schedule is like!

Please visit this link to register online and reserve your spot!



I know the full 30 days isn’t over yet but I just had my health check-in at work and couldn’t believe how much my body has changed in the last 24 days!


Day 1: 137.4 lb and 19.4% body fat
Day 24: 130.2 lb and 16.9% body fat


More than anything I’m proud of that smile on my face!

My favorite thing about the program was getting responses to questions from you and others. I often just go to Google when I’m trying to figure things out like that and there can be so much conflicting information on the internet.


I have been lifting and working out for a while but had recently hit a plateau and this program gave me that extra edge and push to take my workouts to the next level…

I was so encouraged by everyone else and by the pure fact that I had to be committed to get the most out of my money and the program. Then as the program went on, how much better I kept feeling day to day was the biggest motivator…

Another big thing for me [was] I went to my doctor who did some tests and I found out I have a really strong gluten allergy that was actually causing me a lot of problems. He said without this program and being off it for over three weeks I may have never known this was a issue and kept attributing the symptoms to other things. 

It’s a great program and I’m already telling friends about it because they all asked me what I’ve been doing lately; they’ve noticed how much my body and energy has changed. I’ve been wanted to overhaul my diet for while and this program is exactly what I needed.


I’m coming off a month of Whole30, which is super strict, and yesterday day I had something non-compliant and I thought… phew, that was just one decision, I am still worthy enough to keep trying!!! (Whole30 would not have made me feel this way!) Thanks for putting a plan together that I can follow and be successful, which makes me strive for compliance, but does not make me a failure if I don’t succeed every bite along the way. A.C.

It seems as the first stage has completed, we all had success. Congratulations to everyone! I know this is not a ‘diet’ per say but I lost 9.4 over the last week. K.L.

I was skeptical I could do this…but even with a vacation in the middle of it all I’ve been 95% compliant. I feel great…I can FEEL my body changing. Headaches, fatigue, bloating…GONE! We are a family of 5 with teenagers who eat everything in site and even they have enjoyed a few new things I’ve tried.Best part…its food! No magic pills, drinks, stuff to buy! If you’ve been thinking about doing something for your body…take 30’days and do this.  L.C.

Down 13 pounds from this so far. This from the girl who said she would never give up cream in her coffee or Splenda! S.F.

Success: Down 10lbs. Suspect dairy responsible for my acne. Further tests need to be done. As in, it will be the last thing I reintroduce.
Sleeping better. Restless leg is gone. D.R.

I feel like a tire has been removed from around my waist. I haven’t seen a lot of weight loss (about 5 lbs) but I feel tighter and slimmer. I’m sleeping better too but having a lot of vivid dreams!!!! I just had to make it over the initial energy slump. Now I feel great!!! I’m looking forward to adding back in some foods as meat and vegetables are not my ideal meals, but I find my cravings are curbed and I don’t feel like I’m starving as much throughout the day. I’m very glad I decided to do this. I can say that now LOL. S.P.

Binge eating and sugar cravings are under control, never thought I could overcome these two obstacles ever, and now I know I can!! Not even craving the fruit as much as I thought I would this week! J.S.

I’ve posted about it a few times already but it is so amazing that I will say it again – with the exception of an issue with my toe that will always hurt – my joint pain has all but vanished. I now have what I would consider the “normal” soreness that one would expect to accompany the aggressive workouts that I am doing but not the constant, nagging, energy sucking and quite frankly depressing pain that someone who is working this hard should NOT have. This has been a game changer for me. The other HUGE change is that I am no longer taking Prilosec on a daily basis for terrible acid reflux!!!!! It was a secret goal to have that eliminated but since I have been taking it for so many years I was seriously doubtful that it could happen. During the past 2 1/2 weeks I have had to take a TUMS twice I believe. Again – not sure if it is the gluten or the dairy and frankly I am a little nervous to test it out for either the joint pain or the reflux because I don’t want EITHER of them to come back EVER!!!! K.J.

Gluten and sugar are two things that make my chronic inflammation and back pain worse. The past month proves that. (I kind of was in that track in June. July cinched it.)
I like the way my skin feels and my stomach has been more predictable of late. And I am down about 10 pounds- considering exercise is forbidden right now that’s pretty good. M.B.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions that Jim has put together:Collage 2016-08-13 Jenny July

What Can I Eat on This Plan?

Not many foods will be restricted on this plan. Things like gluten-containing grains and dairy will be taken out of your routine. This is because they are very common allergies/sensitivities. The same goes for soy and corn, for the most part. Alcohol is not recommended and things like coffee and bacon will be phased out. Many “food-like products” will be restricted. Most processed foods contain one or more of the ingredients I already mentioned (gluten, dairy, soy and/or corn) as well as sugars, highly processed vegetable oils and chemical colors, flavors, and preservatives. All of these things can lead to inflammation and weight gain. The point is to give your body a break!

Is This a Detox?

This is not a “detox” so to speak. It is a whole foods plan and lifestyle. Each module lasts as long as you feel you need, with the first 3 modules being progressively more specific with what you can and cannot eat, and the 4th being a testing and reintroduction phase. Reintroducing foods one at a time is very helpful to pinpoint food that may be giving you issues. It is my hope that it will plant some seeds for life long lifestyle changes.

I have no delusions that everyone who signs up will have banished all processed foods from their life and be brewing their own kombucha by the end of the month…but if everyone takes at least one baby step (of their choosing) in the right direction, I will be thrilled!!!

Do I Have to Buy Any Supplements or Special Products?

There are no supplements required for this program. If you have any questions about supplements I can certainly answer them for you, but this program is about eating / using whole foods to get FIT (for life!).

Is This a Weight-Loss Program?

Weight loss is not the main goal of this program (although it is an awesome side effect!)…getting healthy is the main goal. I would argue that weight loss should not be the main goal for anyone. Weight has very little to do with overall health and well-being. A number on the scale is not going to make you happy! I (and many others) have been at the peak of health and the pits of unhealthiness…and the scale read the same number both times.

I would suggest focusing on other things, like how you feel! You can starve yourself to lose weight, but you are going to feel like garbage…so what good is that? After what is usually a very short adjustment period, most people feel great and very energized on this plan. How your clothes fit is another way to measure your progress…and remember if weight loss is your goal, you didn’t put the weight on overnight, so it is unrealistic to think it will come off that fast. Be patient.

What Can I Expect From This Program?

This program will help you as much as you put into it. We will give you the info and provide avenues of support, but you have to participate! Nearly everyone who participates sees significant improvements, and by far the people who see the biggest gains are the people that really put in some effort, participate in the Facebook group and reach out to me personally to address their issues. So ask questions, complain, admit when you make a slip, and maybe complain some more ;)

Bottom line is this: when the program is done, you’ll have a good sense for what foods have been holding you back from your health/wellness goals, and what foods can help propel you forward (and/or heal you!). You’ll feel better than you’ve felt in a long time, and have a road map for how to navigate stellar health well into your future.

What If I Mess Up or Slip-Up During the Program?

We are not expecting you to be perfect…there is no such thing. If you don’t give it a try you will be where you are now. If you are happy with that, great, carry on. If you are not then you have nothing to lose. If you slip up during a snack or meal, we’ll encourage you to get back on track the next time you eat. Do not be in the mindset “I had one piece of cake so I might as well eat the whole thing” or “I had some potato chips so the whole day is shot!” The whole day is NEVER shot. That one mouthful of potato chips is shot….but the next mouthful of food doesn’t have to be.

Ok thanks, Jim. I’m back!

I promise you can do it if you put in approximately 2-3 hours per week of planning and prepping your food (I shoot for an hour or so Sunday and Thursday, for example). A benefit to the prep is that it saves time as the week wears on and you get busy (and hungry!). Things are ready to go for you as well as the fact that you don’t need to stress out about what to eat, it’s already planned out and mostly ready to rock.

Are You Ready to Take Control?

Signing Up Is Easy!

For just $39.95 you’ll have access to the Northeast’s most supportive, informative online group run by Jim Eaton, NTP.

  • Every module, you will receive a syllabus including all of the pertinent info, recipes and your approved foods list. Additionally, all of your questions will be answered as you go.
  • Each day, you’ll receive tips for working your way through the program, and be supported by the dozens of others who are working the program right alongside you.

This program makes getting healthy easy, affordable, and accessible to everyone – no matter where you live or what your schedule is like!

Please visit this link to register online and reserve your spot!

For a rare change, I’m going to show you how I did with it as well.  The first pics are at the beginning of the
program and the others are about 4 months in.  I’m not too experienced taking selfies, so please don’t judge!
Normally I eat pretty well, but I had a rough go of it during Vanessa’s pregnancy and the first couple of month after.
Typically there is a bit of a back and forth regarding what we are going to eat, but during this time it was a losing battle so I just gave in and ate whatever was available/she wanted. Add to that the fact that during this time frame I did more sitting than I have in any other part of my life and you’ve got a recipe for disaster…as the pictures display.  Not good. I was so incredibly unhappy with myself that it parlayed into every aspect of my life.
I know what I’m doing, but even so, I needed a little kick in the pants in order to make the necessary changes.  This program did just that.
The hardest part was forcing myself to set aside time to prep my food.  Everyone is different, but for me, a big session on Sunday gets most of my staples ready for the week and then I can pop in another quick prep session mid week to fill in any gaps.  The food prep was (and still is) absolutely key to making this work.
I was very worried about cravings.  Before starting, I literally NEEDED to eat chocolate. No joke.  By day 2 or 3 I had absolutely no food cravings and that was amazing to me how quickly my body adapted to the “cleaner” food.  Awesome!
I was also worried about a lack of energy due to the lower carb intake.  Zero issues. This isn’t really a low carb diet, it is intended to eliminate the processed carbs.  You can still get plenty of energy from fruits and veggies to sustain your training intensity.  My staple carbs to keep my energy up was a medley of sweet potatoes, beets and other veggies and that worked great.  We’ll have recipe ideas for you guys, and the group will share recipes as we try them as well.
For me I know that the primary thing I need to avoid is bread and processed carbs. They do not agree with me and I get bloated and sluggish pretty much immediately, and I put on weight in just a week or two of eating it. I also found out that I can have some dairy, but only in small quantities. If I have too much at once it does not end well.

It had a huge impact on helping me to change my habits and get back on track after all of my “pregnancy weight”!  I stayed on task for 2 weeks in Brazil and feel like I came back exactly as fit as when I left; amazing considering typically I gain 7-9 pounds while we are there.  There is no way I would have been able to stay the course if I didn’t just finish the program to get me on track and committed to my good habits.

Another awesome benefit was that my digestion cleaned up significantly.  I was reliant on probiotics for months prior in order to maintain “normal” function.  Within the first few days I felt entirely normal and all of my issues were cleaned up.  This in and of itself saved me about $40/month in probiotics!
My skin is more clear, my mood has drastically improved, my energy levels have been consistent without caffeine and my ADD symptoms, although ever present, have been a bit more manageable as of late! Oh yeah, and I weighed in at 179.5 pounds for my jiu-jitsu tournament, down 26.7 pounds since the end of April and 34.5 pounds since the beginning of April when I started getting myself in gear, a nice little bonus!!!
You can click here to read a bit more about the SIMPLE strategies that I have been utilizing to make these changes.
IMG950937Brian has been following the plan for about a month now as well and he has made TREMENDOUS progress.  He was working out like a maniac before, hitting on average 10 sessions/week.  His strength and endurance were improving much, much faster than his body composition, so we got him started in changing his eating habits.
He also has experienced an increase in energy and has had no issues with fueling his workouts, even as he lost an amazing 16 pounds. The fact that he has drastically increased some of his numbers says volumes, as he just squatted an incredibly impressive 375 during this time-frame!IMG950939
I’ll stop writing as I think the pictures speak for themselves!
I would be very very surprised if you were to complete this, train here a couple days per week and not lose weight…even though weight loss isn’t the primary goal, just a super awesome side effect of eating this way!


  • Hi Dee Dee, that’s great!

    We are working to set up a way for people to pay for the session online, hopefully that should be situated by this evening if all goes well. Otherwise you can mail a check to:

    Fun Intelligent Training
    30 Henniker St #7
    Concord, NH 03301

    To clarify, are you guys looking to participate in August or September?

  • Dee Dee Monahan says:

    Hey Eric. I’m very interested in this and would like to join the group that starts on September 1st. Mark is getting back in to his clean eating and I think we can both use some more ideas and advice. Thank you so much. Let me know what I need to do to get you the payment! :)

  • Absolutely!

  • Laura Heath says:

    Can a nonmember join the next session?

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