Check Yo Pee

The hot and humid weather always brings on more talk about hydration…and the easiest way to get a real-time indication of your hydration level is your urine…pee pee for most of the people that we deal with here, chi chi (pronounced she she) for you Portuguese speakers.

Often times we find people getting headaches and cramps from dehydration, but you don’t need to wait that long to find out that you are behind on your intake.

The most simplistic way to gauge your hydration level is to monitor your pee.  Light colored is good, dark color is bad.  There are lots of variables to consider such as supplement intake and some foods that can change the color and aroma of your tinkles, but as a rule you should be tyrying to pee as clear as possible to ensure proper hydration.



When in doubt, remember the following:

If it’s hot, drink more water.  If it’s humid, drink more water. If you’re not sure if you are drinking enough water, drink more water.


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