Holiday Schedule 2017

Below please find the holidays that we will be observing in 2017.

Please plan your training sessions accordingly!

Saturday 5/27, M-D Weekend: Closed
Monday 5/29, Memorial Day: No 6 am class
Saturday 7/1: Only Kickboxing
Monday 7/3: Just 6/9:15 am, No afternoon Classes
Tuesday 7/4, 4th of July: Closed
Monday 9/4, Labor day: No 6 am class
Thursday 11/23, Thanksgiving: Closed
Friday 11/24, Black Friday: Just 9:15
Monday 12/25, Christmas: Closed
Monday 1/1, New Years day: Closed

If we should need to make any changes to this we will notify you asap!

Member Workout: Mary Fields

Mary Fields facilitated the second Member Workout last night and it was quite the event!
She took inspiration from our OCR training camps from a couple of years ago and did a great job putting the workout together.  Take a second to check out the video that Brian put together, see what she had to say and get a peek at all of the fun!


Jim EatonWe are very excited to announce a new Nutrition program that we have developed in cooperation with Jim Eaton from Evolutionary Eaton.

Thus far, people that have participated have done AMAZING!

This program is not just intended to be a resource to provide you with information, recipes and instruction on what not to eat. Of course it offers excellent content as far as that is concerned, but the primary benefit to this program is the support, camaraderie and accountability that it offers.

This is intended to be something that you WILL be able to follow! Everyone that has participated has been successful, and we are constantly making improvements to ensure that we are providing you with knowledge and skills that you will be able to use FOREVER!!!Collage 2016-08-13 Jenny July

No supplements, no starving yourself, just delectable, glorious whole foods.

The first week we will work to eliminate a handful of foods so as to get people gradually used to making changes, and then eliminate a few more the following week, etc. The goal is to reduce the amount of processed foods to allow the body to adapt to natural ingredients. What happens at the end is as you slowly begin to reintroduce select foods (preferably one at a time beginning during Week 4), you will know what does and does not agree with your body so you can make a determination as to if it is worth eating moving forward.

For me I know that the primary thing I need to avoid is bread and processed carbs. They do not agree with me and I get bloated and sluggish pretty much immediately, and I put on weight in just a week or two of eating it. I also found out that I can have some dairy, but only in small quantities. If I have too much at once it does not end well.

Ready to Sign-Up? It’s Easy!

For just $49, you’ll have access to the Northeast’s most supportive, informative online group run by Jim Eaton, NTP and me (Eric Marsh, owner of FIT)!

  • Every week, your approved foods list is laid out for you and questions are answered.
  • Each day, you’ll receive tips for working your way through the program, and be supported by the dozens of others who are working the program right alongside you.

This program makes getting healthy easy, affordable, and accessible to everyone – no matter where you live or what your schedule is like!

Please visit this link to register online and reserve your spot!

Email for any questions!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions that Jim has put together:

eric-mcneilWhat Can I Eat on This Plan?

Not many foods will be restricted on this plan. Things like gluten-containing grains and dairy will be taken out of your routine. This is because they are very common allergies/sensitivities. The same goes for soy and corn, for the most part. Alcohol is not recommended and things like coffee and bacon will be phased out. Many “food-like products” will be restricted. Most processed foods contain one or more of the ingredients I already mentioned (gluten, dairy, soy and/or corn) as well as sugars, highly processed vegetable oils and chemical colors, flavors, and preservatives. All of these things can lead to inflammation and weight gain. The point is to give your body a break!

Is This a Detox?

This is not a “detox” so to speak. It is a whole foods plan and lifestyle. Each monthly program lasts four weeks, with the first 3 weeks being progressively more specific with what you can and cannot eat, and the 4th week being a reintroduction phase. Reintroducing foods one at a time is very helpful to pinpoint food that may be giving you issues. While we are promoting this as a “1-month challenge”, and I certainly think anyone can benefit from participating, it is my hope that it will plant some seeds for life long lifestyle changes.

I have no delusions that everyone who signs up will have banished all processed foods from their life and be brewing their own kombucha by the end of the month…but if everyone takes at least one baby step (of their choosing) in the right direction, I will be thrilled!!!

Do I Have to Buy Any Supplements or Special Products?

There are no supplements required for this program. If you have any questions about supplements I can certainly answer them for you, but this program is about eating / using whole foods to get FIT (for life!).

Is This a Weight-Loss Program?

Weight loss is not the main goal of this program (although it is an awesome side effect!)…getting healthy is the main goal. I would argue that weight loss should not be the main goal for anyone. Weight has very little to do with overall health and well-being. A number on the scale is not going to make you happy! I (and many others) have been at the peak of health and the pits of unhealthiness…and the scale read the same number both times.

I would suggest focusing on other things, like how you feel! You can starve yourself to lose weight, but you are going to feel like garbage…so what good is that? After what is usually a very short adjustment period, most people feel great and very energized on this plan. How your clothes fit is another way to measure your progress…and remember if weight loss is your goal, you didn’t put the weight on overnight, so it is unrealistic to think it will come off that fast. Be patient.

What Can I Expect From This Program?

This program will help you as much as you put into it. We will give you the info and provide avenues of support, but you have to participate! Nearly everyone who participates sees significant improvements, and by far the people who see the biggest gains are the people that really put in some effort, participate in the Facebook group and reach out to me personally to address their issues. So ask questions, complain, admit when you make a slip, and maybe complain some more ;)

Bottom line is this: when the month’s done, you’ll have a good sense for what foods have been holding you back from your health/wellness goals, and what foods can help propel you forward (and/or heal you!). You’ll feel better than you’ve felt in a long time, and have a roadmap for how to navigate stellar health well into your future.

What If I Mess Up or Slip-Up During the Program?

We are not expecting you to be perfect…there is no such thing. If you don’t give it a try you will be where you are now. If you are happy with that, great, carry on. If you are not then you have nothing to lose. If you slip up during a snack or meal, we’ll encourage you to get back on track the next time you eat. Do not be in the mindset “I had one piece of cake so I might as well eat the whole thing” or “I had some potato chips so the whole day is shot!” The whole day is NEVER shot. That one mouthful of potato chips is shot….but the next mouthful of food doesn’t have to be.


Ok thanks, Jim. I’m back!

I promise you can do it if you put in approximately 2-3 hours per week of planning and prepping your food (I shoot for an hour or so Sunday and Wednesday, for example). A benefit to the prep is that it saves time as the week wears on and you get busy (and hungry!). Things are ready to go for you as well as the fact that you don’t need to stress out about what to eat, it’s already planned out and mostly ready to rock.



I’m coming off a month of Whole30, which is super strict, and yesterday day I had something non-compliant and I thought… phew, that was just one decision, I am still worthy enough to keep trying!!! (Whole30 would not have made me feel this way!) Thanks for putting a plan together that I can follow and be successful, which makes me strive for compliance, but does not make me a failure if I don’t succeed every bite along the way. A.C.

It seems as the first stage has completed, we all had success. Congratulations to everyone! I know this is not a ‘diet’ per say but I lost 9.4 over the last week. K.L.

I was skeptical I could do this…but even with a vacation in the middle of it all I’ve been 95% compliant. I feel great…I can FEEL my body changing. Headaches, fatigue, bloating…GONE! We are a family of 5 with teenagers who eat everything in site and even they have enjoyed a few new things I’ve tried.Best part…its food! No magic pills, drinks, stuff to buy! If you’ve been thinking about doing something for your body…take 30’days and do this.  L.C.

Down 13 pounds from this so far. This from the girl who said she would never give up cream in her coffee or Splenda! S.F.

Success: Down 10lbs. Suspect dairy responsible for my acne. Further tests need to be done. As in, it will be the last thing I reintroduce.
Sleeping better. Restless leg is gone. D.R.

I feel like a tire has been removed from around my waist. I haven’t seen a lot of weight loss (about 5 lbs) but I feel tighter and slimmer. I’m sleeping better too but having a lot of vivid dreams!!!! I just had to make it over the initial energy slump. Now I feel great!!! I’m looking forward to adding back in some foods as meat and vegetables are not my ideal meals, but I find my cravings are curbed and I don’t feel like I’m starving as much throughout the day. I’m very glad I decided to do this. I can say that now LOL. S.P.

Binge eating and sugar cravings are under control, never thought I could overcome these two obstacles ever, and now I know I can!! Not even craving the fruit as much as I thought I would this week! J.S.

I’ve posted about it a few times already but it is so amazing that I will say it again – with the exception of an issue with my toe that will always hurt – my joint pain has all but vanished. I now have what I would consider the “normal” soreness that one would expect to accompany the aggressive workouts that I am doing but not the constant, nagging, energy sucking and quite frankly depressing pain that someone who is working this hard should NOT have. This has been a game changer for me. The other HUGE change is that I am no longer taking Prilosec on a daily basis for terrible acid reflux!!!!! It was a secret goal to have that eliminated but since I have been taking it for so many years I was seriously doubtful that it could happen. During the past 2 1/2 weeks I have had to take a TUMS twice I believe. Again – not sure if it is the gluten or the dairy and frankly I am a little nervous to test it out for either the joint pain or the reflux because I don’t want EITHER of them to come back EVER!!!! K.J.

Gluten and sugar are two things that make my chronic inflammation and back pain worse. The past month proves that. (I kind of was in that track in June. July cinched it.)
I like the way my skin feels and my stomach has been more predictable of late. And I am down about 10 pounds- considering exercise is forbidden right now that’s pretty good. M.B.

Now Are You Ready? Signing Up Is Easy!

For just $49, you’ll have access to the Northeast’s most supportive, informative online group run by Jim Eaton, NTP and me (Eric Marsh, owner of FIT)!

  • Every week, your approved foods list is laid out for you and questions are answered.
  • Each day, you’ll receive tips for working your way through the program, and be supported by the dozens of others who are working the program right alongside you.

This program makes getting healthy easy, affordable, and accessible to everyone – no matter where you live or what your schedule is like!

Please visit this link to register online and reserve your spot!

Email for any questions!

For a rare change, I’m going to show you how I did with it as well.  The first pics are at the beginning of the
program and the others are about 3 months in.  I’m not too experienced taking selfies, so please don’t judge!
Normally I eat pretty well, but I had a rough go of it during Vanessa’s pregnancy and the first couple of month after.
Typically there is a bit of a back and forth regarding what we are going to eat, but during this time it was a losing battle so I just gave in and ate whatever was available/she wanted.  Add to that the fact that during this time frame I did more sitting than I have in any other part of my life and you’ve got a recipe for disaster…as the pictures display.  Not good. I was so incredibly unhappy with myself that it parlayed into every aspect of my life.
I know what I’m doing, but even so, I needed a little kick in the pants in order to make the necessary changes.  This program did just that.
The hardest part was forcing myself to set aside time to prep my food.  Everyone is different, but for me, a big session on Sunday gets most of my staples ready for the week and then I can pop in another quick prep session mid week to fill in any gaps.  The food prep was (and still is) absolutely key to making this work.

I was very worried about cravings.  Before starting, I literally NEEDED to eat chocolate. No joke.  By day 2 or 3 I had absolutely no food cravings and that was amazing to me how quickly my body adapted to the “cleaner” food.  Awesome!

I was also worried about a lack of energy due to the lower carb intake.  Zero issues. This isn’t really a low carb diet, it is intended to eliminate the processed carbs.  You can still get plenty of energy from fruits and veggies to sustain your training intensity.  My staple carbs to keep my energy up was a medley of sweet potatoes, beets and other veggies and that worked great.  We’ll have recipe ideas for you guys, and the group will share recipes as we try them as well.

It had a huge impact on helping me to change my habits and get back on track after all of my “pregnancy weight”!  I stayed on task for 2 weeks in Brazil and feel like I came back exactly as fit as when I left; amazing considering typically I gain 7-9 pounds while we are there.  There is no way I would have been able to stay the course if I didn’t just finish the program to get me on track and committed to my good habits.

Another awesome benefit was that my digestion cleaned up significantly.  I was reliant on probiotics for months prior in order to maintain “normal” function.  Within the first few days I felt entirely normal and all of my issues were cleaned up.  This in and of itself saved me about $40/month in probiotics!
***I originally wrote the above blurb after the first month and we are now into the Third month.  Here are some other observations:
My skin is more clear, my mood has drastically improved, my energy levels have been consistent without caffeine and my ADD symptoms, although ever present, have been a bit more manageable as of late! Oh yeah, and I weighed in at 187 pounds this past Friday, down 19 pounds since the end of April and 26 pounds since the beginning of April when I started getting myself in gear, a nice little bonus!!!
You can click here to read a bit more about the SIMPLE strategies that I have been utilizing to make these changes.
IMG950937Brian has been following the plan for about a month now as well and he has made TREMENDOUS progress.  He was working out like a maniac before, hitting on average 10 sessions/week.  His strength and endurance were improving much, much faster than his body composition, so we got him started in changing his eating habits.
He also has experienced an increase in energy and has had no issues with fueling his workouts, even as he lost an amazing 16 pounds.  The fact that he has drastically increased some of his numbers says volumes, as he just squatted an incredibly impressive 375 during this timeframe!
I’ll stop writing as I think the pictures speak for themselves!IMG950939
I would be very very surprised if you were to complete this, train here a couple days per week and not lose weight…even though weight loss isn’t the primary goal, just a super awesome side effect of eating this way!
Ok, so you’ve read all of my jabbering.  What the hell is the meat and potatoes (see what I did there?!?!) of this program?
Here goes:
  • 4 weeks with the first session beginning August 1st.  We intend to run a new group at the beginning of each month. People can feel free to jump back into another session in the future if they feel they need a little jump-start (see below).
  • It will be implemented online using a private Facebook group as the primary means of communication.
  • Before you begin, we will provide you with a protocol for a pantry clean out, TONS of tips, tricks and things to pay attention to, approved food lists for each week and some recipes to get you started. 
  • Participation in the facebook group is required.  The more active and engaged you are, the higher your chance of success.  It is also super helpful for other people to see what you have been doing in order to share ideas, recipes, success and yes, the inevitable struggles.  Many of us deal with the same things, so one person posting a challenge can help the group immensely and help us to develop new materials to help people.
  • You must plan and prepare food in advance unless you can spend time cooking every single meal from scratch (yeah right!).
  • Cost is only $49.
  • Participants returning for another consecutive month will get a $5 discount.
  • For each non-FIT member that you refer to the group you will get a $5 discount.

That’s it.  Be ready to make some good healthy changes.

Please visit this link to register online and reserve your spot!

Email for any questions!

Back to School Gift Card

Gift Cards:

2015-11-20 11.13.43

We know how much you care about your friends, family and coworkers and there is no better way to show them your love than to give them the gift of health and fitness!

For a limited time we are selling gift cards for a month of unlimited group training for a mere $20!  Yes, you read that right!

The bearer will be entitled to:

  • A complimentary fitness assessment
  • Unlimited attendance of all group fitness training including Bootcamp, Barbell Bootcamp and Kickboxing!

You can email for questions or to reserve your cards!

Once again, the pesky rules:

  • People can purchase as many gift cards as they would like.
  • Only one gift card can be redeemed per person.
  • Gift cards to be redeemed by non-current members only.

2016 Summer Adventure Info

Reservations have been made for Gifford Woods State Park, closest camping area to Killington Mt.

It is wilderness camping and the sites have no hookups yet there is a clean modern bathroom/shower facility close to sites. Showers require quarter coins 50 cents =5 min.

A pond located across street, best for canoeing/kayaking although adventurous might want to try swimming.

We have sites T14 reserved for 2 nights 7/29 and 7/30.

Sites T15; T16; T17 are reserved for 3 nights, 7/28-7/30.

Sites are adjacent, level and roomy.

4 people per site included in paid fees, we can have up to 8/site, will be additional $5charge each person above the 4 allowed.  Price per person for camping will be determined by how many people actually show up and for how many nights they stay. We will divide up the cost on site once we know exactly how many people arrive.

Agenda is as follows:

Thursday 7/28:
queecheeMeet at FIT at 9:00 for a 9:15 departure.  We will stop on the way up to hike Queechee Gorge, an easy relatively flat hike.  We can have lunch here as well.  If you don’t plan to leave Concord with us and want to meet here, we expect to arrive around 10:45-11:00.


Check in at the campground is 2:00, so we should be pretty close to that once finished with the hike and lunch.

Once we get checked in and set up, people can explore local hiking, biking and paddling areas or just relax around the campground.

Friday 7/29:

Those that are interested will head to the Killington Adventure Park The park has a bunch of cool things to do; you can purchase individual items or buy a day pass for $69 that includes the following:



  • Beast Mountain Coaster, 3 rides
  • SkyeRide, 2 rides
  • Skye Ropes Course, 2-hours
  • SkyeJump, 1 session
  • Terra-Maze, unlimited runs
  • Tubing, 2 runs
  • Shooter Soaker, 1 session
  • Snowshed scenic lift ride, round trip



Saturday 7/30

eric mcneilEric McNeil will be practicing and performing his qualifying runs for Sunday’s Downhill Mt. Bike Race.  It is free to spectate, so those that are interested can hike around the mountain to find cool vantage points to watch these crazies huck themselves off of cliffs!

If this doesn’t interest you, feel free to explore the beauty that is the VT landscape!

Sunday 7/31:

Pack up and head home with some cool new memories!

We’ve got space for a few more people, so let us know if you’d like to come up even if it’s for a night or two!

2016 Summer Deal


We are offering new and inactive former members a prepaid three month summer membership for all of the stuff you love – kettlebells, tires, ropes and other assorted fun-for a wicked sweet price of only:


Enrollment for this deal is open until June 30th.  Your three months begins on the date of enrollment and includes unlimited access to BOOTCAMP, Barbell BOOTCAMP and Kickboxing!.

It really is that simple and awesome!

Questions?  Send a message to and we’ll set the record straight!

Brian’s Story

Most all of you have met Brian by now, but many probably don’t know much about his story.  He came to us as an intern from NHTI and I was impressed with his enthusiasm and willingness to learn.
Over the summer he moved back home to North Conway and made the 1.5 hour trip down here once per week just to keep learning!  I love me some work ethic, and seeing that level of commitment sealed the deal for me to offer him a permanent paid position when he moved back here for school in September.
His progress since then has been nothing less than outstanding!  He loves to learn and loves to help people, two of the biggest qualities necessary to be good at our job.  On top working so hard on his professional development, he has been incredibly dedicated to his personal development as well.
Enter Brian:

Recently I was asked to talk about my journey toward getting back into shape that I have been on this semester.  Usually talking about myself is one of my greatest struggles, but if I can pass on any knowledge and help someone it’s worth it.


Brian weighing in the 230’s

I have been working at Fun Intelligent Training for about two and a half months now and it has probably been one of the best things to happen to me.  I moved to Concord in August and when I moved I was at my all-time heaviest weight of 236 pounds.

Here is a little insight into my story: at the end of my first season of college cross country I was at my lightest weight of 190 pounds.  This changed very quickly from several things including a bad injury, bad relationships, and honestly bad weight management with no one to blame but myself. Gaining that much weight in four years can certainly be demoralizing.

Now when I say that working at Fun Intelligent Training has been the best thing to happen to me it comes with many different meanings. First, it has given me a great place to learn about being a personal trainer from great talent and that is something I am very grateful for.  Second, it’s a new gym that I call home and a place I get to train with amazing people. When I say that they are amazing people, it is not even close to describing the members here. They push me every single day to be better and work harder than I have ever before and they are always there with amazing life lessons that I always keep an ear out for.  Beyond this, they may be the funniest people I know. It is impossible to make it through a workout without laughing at least five times. Be it the staff or the members I have a great support group that inspires me to workout harder, eat healthier, and live a happier life.

So it’s been about two and a half months working at Fun Intelligent Training and I can happily say that 2015-11-24 20.17.43my weight has dropped from the aforementioned 236 pounds to 220 pounds. I’ve lost sixteen pounds in just over two months and I can attribute it to making workouts at Fun Intelligent Training regularly, slowly making simple adjustments to my diet, and making better decisions in an effort to be happier in life.

I think it’s important for people to realize that you don’t have to kill yourself for hours every day at a gym if you can regularly make workouts and really give it your all when you are there. Diet can be one of the hardest things to get a handle on, and the way I have been going about it is to replace one bad thing in my diet for a healthier choice.  When I get used to it I pick a new thing to focus on until that one becomes a habit as well. Lastly removing unneeded stress to be happy can help provide so many health benefits, and I have noticed great benefits from focusing on this.

2015-12-04 09.56.48This has been an amazing journey so far and I am so excited to continue it on the road to 200 pounds!! If I can give any advice it would be to find a good support group because these people will keep you motivated and they will be invested and happy as you progress. Don’t kill yourself at the gym but do make sure you are consistent and work hard. Lastly, don’t go on a diet as they never work! The best diet is the one you don’t even know you are on as that will help you to stick with it.

Finally, I would love to give a big thank you to my support group at Fun intelligent Training! Thank you for helping me grow as a person and professional, as well as letting me help you work toward your goals.  As the New Year approaches, I can’t wait to see the awesome things we can accomplish together!

Winter Break

Winter BreakThe holiday season is quickly approaching, and along with that comes the glorious winter break for students and teachers alike!

We have put together a sweet deal that will allow you to train with us over break for a tremendously low price.

A mere $33 will get you a month of unlimited access to BOOTCAMP, Barbell BOOTCAMP and Kickboxing, valid from 12/1 through the end of January 2016.*

Yes, that’s right, students and teacher will get a month of unlimited training for the price of a few cups of coffee…with absolutely no commitment!

*(Membership is valid for one month from your start date)

Shoot an email to to get started today!

Self Defense

Session 3, Ground Based Self Defense: (Thursday 2/11 at 7:30)

Learn how to:

  • Assess situations for potential danger
  • Fall properly
  • Defend yourself against an attacker who is standing and encroaching
  • Take the attacker down using leg sweeps and maneuvers that allow you to escape.
  • Execute techniques from the bottom designed to disable the attacker and create the opportunity for a get-away.
  • Being outsized and overpowered does not mean you can’t succeed even during the worst case scenario……both attacker and victim on the ground.

***Participants need to be comfortable with close proximity training with a partner. ***

  • See the bottom of this page for more info!

Self Defense A countermeasure that involves defending oneself, one’s property, or the well-being of another from harm.

Self Defense pic

Self defense at Bodyworks

What does that mean?  Why should you be concerned with this concept?

First let me give you a bit of background as to why I think this is such an important topic.

I’ve been very interested in this concept for as long as I can remember.  I started taking karate at Bodyworks when I was 6 or 7 years old.  Granted it didn’t last too long as the myriad of other sports I participated in took over, but it planted the seed for a life-long love affair with the martial arts and more specifically feeling like I was somehow responsible for protecting those around me that I cared about if $H!T ever hit the fan.

When I played basketball in college I was kind of the default enforcer on the court. If I perceived that someone did harm to one of my teammates I took it upon myself to make them quickly take notice, *ahem* within the rules of the game of course, of their infraction.

I then took a year off of college and worked at the State Prison.  To this day I still rely heavily on the defensive tactics that I learned in the Police Academy and feel that this experience has had a huge influence on my outlook of self defense and subsequently defending others.

Probably as important as the physical skills I gained during this time is the psychological change I experienced.  If you are not confident it will become very apparent and subsequently exploited in that environment so learning to stay calm in potentially dangerous situations is pretty much mandatory in order to succeed in that world.

When I went back to college I began working in bars and I had lots of practice in my early days as a doorman.  Eventually I learned that 95% of the time you can talk someone out and my approach to potentially charged situations changed drastically (more on this concept later), but I certainly tested my skills often the first year or so that I spent working in bars.

During my bouncing days I came to a realization that I was VERY, VERY fortunate that almost every single physical interaction ended up with me in a dominant position…and that I had absolutely no idea what to do if the day ever came that I was on my back with a large, drunk, angry man coming at me.

Enter my fascination with Jiu-Jitsu.

For those of you that didn’t watch the above clip, Jiu-Jitsu allows for a smaller, weaker person to effective defend against an opponent, and more specifically teaches you how to defend and even attack from your back.

Even though I love BJJ, my training history has been very, very sporadic due to that silly thing called life (work, injuries etc).  6 months of solid training, 9 months off, 3 months on 6 months off…you get the point.  Even with inconsistent training, the skills I have learned are invaluable and surprisingly have been incredibly effective in most situations, even given my somewhat rudimentary skill set.

Long story short, you never know what type of a situation you may find yourself in.  There is ALWAYS someone out there that will be able to defeat you, but by arming yourself with some basic skills it will not only give you something to rely on if the unfortunate happens, but more importantly will give you some confidence to carry yourself in a manner that will more often than not help you to avoid getting into a conflict in the first place.


Vanessa locking in a triangle choke

I feel that this ability to remain calm in the face of adversity has helped me to escape COUNTLESS situations that may have otherwise turned into ugly altercations both professionally (prison and bars) and in my personal life.

I also can’t tell you how comforting it is to know that Vanessa has the skills necessary and can handle herself. She is equally well versed in striking and grappling and that takes a huge burden off of my chest knowing that at the very least she should be able to shock the hell out of someone and buy herself some valuable time to escape if the situation should ever arise.

The next self-defense seminar is coming up on Thursday 2/11/2016 at 7:30.  We will be holding this session at Bodyworks 85 Manchester Street in Concord.

This will be presented in 3 different sessions and you do not need to complete one in order to do the next. You will gain a much different perspective and level of confidence by learning these proven self-defense techniques.  You can be down but not out when you are able to execute some basic self-defense skills.

Session 3, Ground-based self-defense and putting it all together:

  • Learn how to:
    • Assess situations for potential danger
    • Fall properly
    • Defend yourself against an attacker who is standing and encroaching
    • Take the attacker down using leg sweeps and maneuvers that allow you to escape.
    • Execute techniques from the bottom designed to disable the attacker and create the opportunity for a get-away.
    • Being outsized and overpowered does not mean you can’t succeed even during the worst case scenario……both attacker and victim on the ground.

    ***Participants need to be comfortable with close proximity training with a partner. ***

Each session will be $20 per person or if you bring a friend it will be 2 for $30, a small investment in your safety!

Click here for more info or email to register!

Yoga: Master Your Practice

Yoga imageThe Master Your Practice Series is intended for all levels.  This is an opportunity for you to deepen your practice by delving into “categories” of poses and topics in a safe, encouraging environment.  All classes will include discussion, handouts, an opportunity to be guided into poses and find your alignment, hands-on adjustments (if you so desire) and constructive feedback.  You will be able to use what you’ve learned in any yoga class.  You can attend all sessions or choose the ones that interest you most.

January – Seated Poses 

Saturday, January 23rd from 10:30-12:30

This all-levels workshop will focus on six of the seated postures in a flow yoga class. We will dissect each posture, discuss proper alignment and practice moving into and out of the postures. There will be plenty of time for questions, feedback and hands-on adjustments (if desired). This workshop will help you deepen your practice, increase your flexibility and build strength.

We hope you can join us!


FIT Members:

$15 early bird sign-up (>7 days prior to session)

$20 week of session



$18 early bird sign-up (>7 days prior to session)

$23 week of session


Tentative upcoming MYP sessions: 

January – Seated Poses

February – Meditation

March – Hips

April – Arm Balances

May – Backbends

June – Inversions

To learn more about yoga classes offered at FIT, please click here.

To register please email

Fall Crop Share


I have written before about how much we enjoyed participating in a Crop Share this past winter (you can read more about that toward the bottom of this article) and the summer share that is winding down in a few weeks.

We have the opportunity to be a pickup location if we get enough people interested in taking part in this fall’s crop share with Brookford Farm.

I strongly encourage you to consider this as it worked wonders in ensuring that we were eating LOTS of healthy produce every day when we were getting our shares.

You can get more info at this link and I will work with Jodi to schedule a time to come in and provide more info about participating in the CSA.

Brookford fall 2015 2 Brookford Fall 2015

10 Easy Moves for a Happy Lower Back

Are you one of the people who has experienced back pain at some point in your life?  No? Well lucky you! I hate to be negative, but odds are that if you have yet to experience back pain, it will indeed creep up on you someday.

There are innumerable things that you can do to both stretch and strengthen your lower back.  I have put together a couple of very simple ways that you can get that blood flowing and work toward a stronger and more limber back, all with nothing but your own body.

If there is enough interest we can work into some more advanced stretches and exercises, but for now give this a try daily and see how you feel.

1. Knee hugs :30 per side
2. Hip x over :30 per side
3. Figure 4 :30 per side
4. Press-ups x10
5. Pigeon :30 per side
6. Superman x10
7. Birddog x10
8. Down dog :30+
9. Goodmorning :30 per side
10. Bent I,Y,T x5 each
YouTube Preview Image

Small Victories

VictoryI know how overwhelming life can get sometimes.  There are so many things that you want to do, but only so much time to get it all done.
The tendency for most people is when they get overwhelmed they just stop doing most everything. Trust me, I’ve been there more than you know, and probably more than you could even imagine.
I’ve been working really, really hard on a few very specific things as of late in order to try and reduce the feeling of having too much going on In an effort to start feeling like there are little tangible victories that are adding up.
The things I’m working on right now aren’t what most would expect from me:  I don’t have a specific strength goal, I’m not trying to decrease the time it takes me to perform a certain task and even though I haven’t been taking the best care of myself as of late, the fact that I don’t have a sweet 6-pack right now isn’t really what I’m focused on.
So if I don’t have specific fitness related goals right now, what the hell am I trying to accomplish?  These may seem silly to you, but in just the 2 short weeks I have been working on them I am noticing a significant reduction in my stress level.
1. Spend more leisure time with friends and family.

2015-08-16 18.41.51

Who knew cornholin’ was so fun?

This may seem weird to most of you, but this has been a huge issue for me over the past 5-6 years.  I have put FIT first and as such have neglected those I care about most. Even when I did see them I wasn’t entirely present as I was stressed about one thing or another related to work.

The past 2 weeks I have been doing very simple things.  I had a couple of my friends over to play some yard games. This used to be a weekly, if not daily occurence even half a decade ago, but now it seems like 2 or 3 times per year is a big deal.  I’m amazed with how good this made me feel.
2015-08-17 14.21.08

Tossin’ plastic!

I even left the gym mid-day a couple of times and went to play disc golf with some buddies.  This is actually something I recommend as it is quite economical ($5 for a round or $8 for the day), fun and you get a good amount of activity out of it.  I walked a bit over 2 miles up and down hills, through trees and bushes and over rocks and logs.  I really enjoyed it and it was a good way to burn a few hundered calories!

I gurantee that taking a bit of time to have fun will pay huge dividends in other areas of your life as well.
2. Work on my flexibility.  I’ve always ignored it because I was athletic enough to get by, but those days seem to be coming to a close.  Almost all of the major injuries I’ve had can be traced back to lack of flexibility and some of my current activites are being held back by the same.
I’ve never had an issue getting big and strong.

mma instruction screenshot

Someday I will kick him in the head and it shall be GLORIOUS!

Ditto training myslef to be explosive and powerful. Flexible and mobile, however, have never been my game.  I have recently moved away from the sports of my youth and have transitioned my focus toward martial arts like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai and both of those necessitate a certain amount of flexibility in order to be successful.

Once again, I have been able to beat the odds to a certain extend and get by on my athleticism, but I’m at a point now where in order to really progress I will HAVE to become more flexible.
Since we have added yoga I have been making a bit more of an effort to work on my aformentioned deficincies.  As of writing this I’ve only taken about 10 classes, but I can already notice a significant improvement in my kicking ability.  I’ve had a long-time goal to be able to head-kick someone my height and I think that I’ll be able to do so soon if I keep at it!
Jiu-Jitsu is based around the ability to bend your body in diffferent ways, so there are many moves that I straight up can’t perform due to my lack of flexibility.  I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to see other people perform a technique and not be able to do so.  Rubber guard here I come!!!
An added benefit to the yoga even though I am still not able to do so, I know that in time it will help me to be able to meditate, at least to a certain extent.  So many high performing individuals meditate consistently that there has to be something to it.  Someday I will master, or at the very least aquire, this skill.
3. Have a list of priorities to accomplish that day.  This is such a simple thing that eveyone knows, to-do-list-400x260but getting back in the habit of banging out the most important items as soon as I can makes the rest of the day so much easier.  Knowing that I have checked those big ticket items off the list allows me to relax a bit throught the rest of the day and focus on either the next task at hand, or even allow my bran to accept that it is ok for me to leave and go do something fun (See #1 above!).
I don’t tend to share too much about this stuff, but I feel it could be helpful for many.  Here is what I have noticed about my ADD over the years:
The more anxious I get, the worse my ADD gets.  
The worse my ADD gets the less I can get done.  
The less I get done the more anxious I get.
The more anxious I get, the worse my ADD gets…
I think you get the point, but just realize that it is a huge cycle that seems never-ending when you are in the midst of it.  By knowing that important tasks have been done it greatly minimizes the anxiety and over time will slowly reduce the speed of the nasty cycle.
I know all of these things are off track when it comes to fitness, but they really are not.  The mind and body are not only connected as many say, I’d reason to sat that they can be considered as one.  Taking care of one directly correlates to how the other functions.
All of these things can be directly applied to fitness as well.  Small, seemingly inconsequential things add up slowly over time and turn into major changes.
Little tasks turn into habits and habits turn into major changes over time.
Give some of this a try and let me know what you think!


POUND is here!  Check out this upbeat and super fun workout!

POUND is a full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming.
The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, plyometrics and Isometric poses into a 45-minute series. Burn between 400 and 900+ calories per hour, strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles, and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique – all while rocking out to your favorite music!
No prior experince is necessary, so all are welcome to join!
YouTube Preview Image

POUND combines easy to follow (and not complex or embarrassing) cardio moves with strength training and drumming. This combo works the entire body, raises the heart rate to a fat-burning zone, and forces each move to be as precise as a basic beat.

Each 2-4 minute song is carefully calibrated with interval peaks and extended fat burning sequences, providing you with the best workout in the shortest span of time. After you’re done rocking out to the 45-minute POUNDtrack, you’ll have done 15,000 reps, performed over 30 extended interval peaks, and zipped through over 70 techniques without even realizing it.

Free Demo Class: 

Monday 1/4/16 7:00-7:45pm

For more information, please click here!

Feel free to bring your friends and family!

The 8-week block will run: 

Monday evenings 7:00-7:45 pm

1/11/16 – 2/29/16


FIT Members:

$69 for the 8-week block (only $8.62/class!)

$10 Drop In


$79 for the 8-week block (only $9.88/class!)

$12 drop in

If you sign up for 2 specialty classes get 15% off! 

If you sign up for 3 specialty classes get 20% off!

For example POUND and Yoga (please click here for more info on Yoga!)

We do have a limited number of RIPSTIX, so you will need to contact us at the email below to reserve your spot:

Contact to register!

FIT OCR Training

As so many of us know, obstacle course racing has become a very popular sport in recent years and we have a large contingent that has been participating in these events.  FIT recognizes that people want to start to become more involved in this sport and that there are many of you who want to improve upon what you have already accomplished.

Video Coming Soon!

Most people can climb through a mud pit or run over some bales of hay, but there are many people who find the strength based obstacles very challenging and even unattainable.  Obstacles like monkey bars, tire pulls, barbed wire crawls, wall climbs, rope climbs and the Hercules pull are just a few of the things that we know people struggle with. This is where The OCR (Obstacle Course Race) Training Camp at FIT comes in…

OCR will be held on Friday at 5:30 and Sunday at 9:00.  These classes will be designed to push your physical and mental limits while building a supportive team environment.

Tony Hurdling Toward the Finish!

Tony Hurdling Toward the Finish!

Friday classes will focus on power development, improving technique on specific obstacles and challenges and will include mini-mock race setups.

Sunday‘s class will be offsite “field trips” to local parks, farms and trails and focus on running and hiking with other conditioning drills incorporated into the trek.

We will be offering a FREE introduction and assessment on Friday, August 14th! 

The OCR Training Camp will run from August 14th and culminate just prior to the Fenway Spartan sprint on November 7th,

Please note that there will be some weekends where classes will not be held due to races, so please pay attention to the schedule listed below.

We are very excited to offer such a fun, yet intense and team building class for you.  Each class will be very challenging and filled with intensity much like an Obstacle Course Race.  You will be asked to push yourself to your limits and beyond.  We aim to help you mentally and physically push yourself to do more than you ever imagined.  That’s how you get results and that’s how we build the team bond.

So get ready to have fun, get sweaty, encourage your fellow teammates, and push yourself beyond your limits and see the progress you make in each class!!!

  • This course will culminate the week of the Fenway Spartan Sprint, on Nov 7, 2015.
  • Friday at 5:30 will meet at FIT and gym days will entail power development, skill development and short mock race conditions. 
  • Sunday at 9:00 will be “field trips” (think trails, parks etc) and will be more endurance based and wicked super fun!!! (See below for schedule). Details on the location for each field trip will be announced that week.
  • There will be running involved in this camp.  You do not need to be a competitive runner to participate, but you do need to be able to perform some running.  If you have a question as to your ability to participate, feel free to touch base with Eric Marsh to discuss.

Dates are as follows:

Friday 8/7: Free intro and baseline assessment

Friday 8/14: FIT OCR Training begins at FIT

Sunday 8/16: Location TBA

Friday 8/21: Class at FIT

Sunday 8/23: Location TBA

Friday 8/28: No Class, Boston Spartan Sprint

Sunday 8/30: No Class, Boston Spartan Sprint

Friday 9/4: Class at FIT

Sunday 9/6: Location TBA

Friday 9/11: No Class, NJ Spartan Super

Sunday 9/13: No Class, NJ Spartan Super

Friday 9/18: No Class, Killington Spartan Beast

Sunday 9/20: No Class, Killington Spartan Beast

Friday 9/25: Class at FIT

Sunday 9/27: Location TBA

Friday 10/2: Class at FIT

Sunday 10/4: Location TBA

Friday 10/9: Class at FIT

Sunday 10/11: Location TBA

Friday 10/16: Class at FIT

Sunday 10/18: Location TBA

Friday 10/23: Class at FIT

Sunday 10/25: Location TBA

Friday 10/30: Class at FIT

Sunday 11/1: Location TBA

Pricing is as follows:

12 weeks OCR Training Camp 8/14 – 11/1/15

Free intro and baseline assessment – Friday Aug. 7th


  • Register by Friday, Aug. 7, 2015: $79 (only $6.58/class!!!)
  • Register Aug. 8 – Aug. 14, 2015: $89 ($7.41/class)
  • Drop in $12/class


  • Register by Friday, Aug. 7, 2015: $99 (only $8.25/class!!!)
  • Register Aug. 8 – Aug. 14, 2015: $109 ($9.08/class)
  • Drop in $15/class

Please e-mail to register!

Chocolate Banana Almond Butter Blast

This is one of my go-to smoothies!  Check out this quick video to see how easy it is to make a nutritious and delicious post workout smoothie that will replenish your body after your hard training sessions!

YouTube Preview Image

We carry the awesome SFH product line and love the fact that it is a New England company that uses all natural ingredients.  Let us know if you have any questions about their product line and we will be happy to help!

2015 Summer Deal


We are offering new and inactive former members a prepaid three month summer membership of the stuff you love-kettlebells, tires, ropes and other assorted fun-for a wicked sweet price of only:

$179 for adults and

$149 for students!

Enrollment for this deal is open until June 30th.  Your three months begins on the date of enrollment.

It really is that simple and awesome!

Questions?  Send a message to and we’ll set the record straight!

FIT Flow Yoga

We have wanted to add Yoga to our program offerings for quite some time and we have finally found an instructor that we think will be a great FIT!

We are so excited about this and know that it will be a great compliment to your current training program!


As you can see yoga will be offered on Wednesday evenings from 7-8 and as such we are going to be pushing the 6:30 BOOTCAMP class up to a 6:00 start time effective Wednesday 6/17.

Schedule 5-27-15

We are excited to be providing this new offering and know you will love it!
Please e-mail to register!
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