Come find your POWER and inner strength through Vinyasa style yoga! Linking breath to movement; this class offers a variety of poses with creative, intelligent, and playful sequencing. This dynamic practice will benefit your body and mind, increasing physical and mental: strength, stamina, flexibility, presence, balance and much more.

Our instructor Rose is able to give you options to match your ability ranging from basic poses for beginners like me up through more advanced progressions for the seasoned yoga practitioner.

The classes will be offered on Wednesday evening at 6:15 pm.


Yoga is a tremendous compliment to the other training we offer at FIT and I personally have already been noticing benefits from just the short time I have been practicing.  I have experienced an improvement in my ability to throw kicks as well as a bit of a decrease in my stress level.  I’m sure you too will be pleasantly surprised with the ways yoga can help you!

Free Demo Class: Feel free to bring your friends and family!  Please note, if you bring a friend that decides to sign up, you will get $5 off your 6 week block!

Wednesday 6/14/17 6:00-7:00 pm

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The next 6-week block of yoga:


Wednesday 6:05-7:05 pm from 6/21/17 – 7/26/17


FIT Members:

$59 for the 6-week block

$12 Drop-in


$69 for the 6-week block

$15 drop-in

For those of you that do not know Rose, we go way back and have a significant history working together. We shot this little video to give you some insight into how our path’s have been intertwined over the years.  Babies seem to be involved in all aspects of my life now, so be forewarned that there may be some squeaking!

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Please email for questions or to register and reserve your spot!

Triathlon Training Team


Sprint triathlons are a great introduction to the sport of triathlon.  Sprint triathlons are three events (swim/bike/run) done in short, manageable distances that just about bootcamplogo_finaleveryone can complete.

Fun Intelligent Training and Jeremy’s Boot Camp have collaborated to put together a fun 10 week training program to get you ready for a sprint triathlon, whether it is your first or if you just want an awesome group of people to train with.

Participants will be issued a training plan that will take approximately 4-5 hours a week geared toward a beginner trainee, as well as a weekly training session with coaches to develop the skills necessary to successfully complete the Nashua Sprint Triathlon on June 12th.

To test your preparedness for race day, a mock triathlon based out of Clough Pond in Loudon will be held the week prior to the event.  In addition to skill development, participants will receive advice on what to bring, pack, how to plan, etc.  There will be ongoing support, accountability and encouragement provided throughout the 10 weeks including on race day.

Event and Date:download

Greater Nashua Sprint Triathlon 6/12/16
Event held in Merrimack.

Events and Distances:

Swim: 0.3 miles – Lake Naticook

Bike: 9.6 miles

Run: 3.1 miles (5k)

Price and what is included:

$199 – Race day registration included

  • Race Registration
  • 10 week training calendar
  • Weekly meetings: check in, biking, and running sessions
  • 1 hr pool rental and swim lesson
  • Mock Sprint Triathlon

$119 – W/o race day registration

  • 10 week training calendar
  • Weekly meetings: check in, biking, and running sessions
  • 1 hr pool rental to practice swim skills
  • Mock Sprint Triathlon

Start Date and time

10 weeks beginning Tuesday 4/5/16, be ready to hit the road at 6pm.

Mock Sprint Triathlon Saturday 6/4/16 at Clough Pond in Loudon. Time TBA.

Meeting Location:

Fun Intelligent Training unless otherwise indicated.

30 Henniker St

Concord, NH 03301

Please email to reserve your spot!

Upcoming Events 10/2015

We have a ton going on and this is a single spot that you can come back to in order to get all of your info in one place!

Holiday Deals

We have 3 sweet deals that are available for a limited time.  Check ou this link to learn more:

Specialty Classes

Yoga and Pound have been huge hits with members!  Come on by and try it out for yourself!

Click the link to learn more about these awesome offerings!

Sign up now to reserve your spot or feel free to drop in for a good time and a great workout!

Yoga: Master Your Practice

The Master Your Practice Series is for all levels.  This is an opportunity for you to deepen your practice by delving into “categories” of poses and topics in a safe, encouraging environment.  All classes will include discussion, handouts, an opportunity to be guided into poses and find your alignment, hands-on adjustments, and feedback.  You will be able to use what you’ve learned in any yoga class.  You can attend all sessions or choose the ones that interest you most.

November 28th – Standing poses

Self Defense    

Stay tuned for more info about the third part of this awesome series at Bodyworks Martial Arts School.

November Member Contest

Free food, discounted membership and you’ll get in better shape to boot…what’s no to like!


$99 Unlimited Promotion

As you may have noticed as of late we are working to change our business model a bit to better serve you. In addition to offering the tried and true programs that we have been working hard to constantly improve over the last 6 years, we are now beginning to offer unique 8 week specialty classes to provide some diversity to our programs.

We are launching this special offer as a way for you to possibly lower your monthly dues and allow for you to select the specialty classes that you would like to participate in, while still keeping your monthly payment reasonable.

The Promo is as follows:

$99/month Gets you unlimited access to BOOTCAMP, Barbell BOOTCAMP and Kickboxing!


This special discounted rate comes with a 12 month commitment.  Why do we want you to commit to training with us for AT LEAST 12 months?

We are going to do everything in our power to help develop new healthy habits and help you to reach your goals, and as you know these things take time.  We are confident that once you reach the end of your 12 months you will have made so much progress that you will want to stay and continue training with us!  (Please see below for details)

In order for this change to work, we will need to get some new people through the door to offset the decreased membership dues and we have come up with several ways to help you get your friends to join you!

We are currently offering $49 for a 1-month trial membership including unlimited access to BC, BBBC and KB and includes a complimentary fitness assessment.  

This is a great no-commitment way for someone to try out our services to decide if it is right for them.

We will also offer yet another AMAZING deal.

If you come in and try your first class and decide that you want to join on the spot, we will give you your first month absolutely FREE!

You read that right, FREE!

In addition to all of the awesome discounted rates we are running with this promo, we are going to reward you, our amazing members for your help in spreading the word.

We are offering a $20 referral reward to go along with this promotion.

Anyone that brings in a friend that joins for at least a 6 month commitment will get $20 cash money the following month with no limit to how much you can make.  So if you are one of the many people that has been killing it in your training and always have people asking you what you have been doing, now is the time to bring them in and show them…and get paid for your efforts!

If 12 months is a bit too long for you to commit right now, that is A-OK!  We are offering a 6 month option as well with a monthly fee of $129 for those of you that are not quite ready to commit to the full 12 months just yet.

If you are just in town for a month we want to help you too!  A no commitment monthly membership is available for $149.

***Please note that offers listed in this post can change at any time due to the fact that these are PROMOTIONAL offers.  ***

Please contact us today for more info or to schedule your initial fitness assessment!

“Fine Print”


-Cancellation Terms:

We are not going to handcuff you to this, however.  There are a couple of options if you should unfortunately need to discontinue training for some reason:

If you should need to cancel your membership prior to the 12 months you can do so, but with a $249 termination fee.  ($199 for the 6 month commitment).

If you need to freeze your membership due to travelling or other life commitments, we can do so for $20/month (for up to 3 months) and we will just add that many months on to the end of your commitment.

Of course if you have a medically necessary reason to freeze we will be happy to do so at no charge with a letter from your healthcare provider, once again adding on to the end of your original agreement.

If you move and your new location is more than 20 miles from us, we will terminate your membership at no cost!

See, we are reasonable!

-First month free does not apply to month-to-month membership.

-If you should decide to switch from your current membership to this promo rate, please note that we will need at least 7 days notice in order to do so and the new rate will go into effect on the following bill date.