Milestone Monday

188I hit a bit of a benchmark yesterday morning. We’ve had this fancy scale for a couple of years now and I had originally put 188 as my “goal” weight, and for a long time I was trending in the opposite direction.

I saw that number pop up this morning and although an arbitrary number, it made me smile. In addition to hitting that, it also equals 25 pounds lost since April or May when I started to get my ass back in gear.

How’d I do it? Simple!

Not easy, but simple.

Obviously I know what I’m doing and know the steps that need to be taken in order to make these things happen. The challenge being, I was in some really bad habits from Vanessa’s pregnancy and the first couple months after Isaac was born and changing said habits was going to be a tricky situation.

Instead of forcing myself to do things, I decided to organize my life in a manner that was going to be conducive to making the changes I was looking for.

Eric 4-22-16 to 8-6-16 front

4/22/16 weighing 206, 8/6/16 weighing 188. Nothing crazy, just lots of consistency.

2016-08-07 21.39.19

One of the single biggest keys to my progress is ALWAYS having food available to me.

First and foremost I knew I needed help getting my eating habits back in order after months of “lazy” eating so I reached out to Jim Eaton to help me develop a nutrition plan that I could stick to.  Evolve Your Eating evolved (haha) out of that conversation and has been helping tons of people do the same! FIT members get a super duper discount, and you can learn more about that here.

2016-08-07 20.51.12

Prep, prep, prep!

This has been absolutely life changing for me, as I went from eating junk on the run to being “program complaint” 98% of the time for over 3 months at the time of this writing.

This is a very simple program that is designed to make sure it helps you succeed, not to make you feel like a failure!  The hardest part of this is making the time to plan, shop and prep food.  These things are absolutely mandatory and are the key to my success.  I’ve got it down now so a one hour prep session twice per week pretty much gets me where I need to be.

Click here if you’d like to learn more about Evolve Your Eating. New sessions start the first of every month.

It would take me forever to write up all of the benefits that this has had for me, so you’ll have to let some pictures do the talking here.


Eric 4-22-16 to 8-6-16 angle

I feel so much better both physically and mentally than I did a few short months ago.

I got myself some training partners. Knowing that Lucas Hardy and Brian were waiting for me to show up made sure that I did so.  Some people have mentioned that it is weird that I own a gym and am training elsewhere.  This is a good opportunity for me to explain my thought process here.

When I’m at FIT I work.  That’s the habit I have gotten into over the past couple years of 16+ hour days. When Lucas reincarnated Bodyworks Gym, it was a perfect opportunity for me to use that as a catalyst in making my own changes.  You see, his father Jeff Hardy put me on my first workout program in 1995 and I was using the exact same equipment that is currently at Bodyworks.  That coupled with the fact that I have been training martial arts of some type at Bodyworks on and off for 30 years, combined for a situation that favored me showing up and getting things done.

I haven’t been training “hard” per se, just showing up and getting some good quality reps in a couple days/week.

2016-08-07 08.55.42Another thing that may seem simple is that I started walking more. Specifically up hills with Isaac on my back (32 42 pound pack weight this morning). I can’t emphasize enough how much value this adds both physically and mentally.

Find a friend and go for a walk.  Get a dog and go for a walk. Borrow a friend’s dog and go for a walk. Get the picture?

It may seem simple, but there is a tremendous amount of value in a daily walk.  Once again, as you get more accustomed I strongly recommend you start adding some weight to a pack and focus on walking with perfect upright posture.  As you get used to that, begin heading up hills!

Bottom line: Get out and move.

I have been vicious in protecting my sleep. I have 3 days/week with less sleep as I have to be up at 5 and I’ve been trying to get a bit more on the other days.  I don’t often go out and if I do, I don’t stay out long.  Sleep does many things including regulating hormones.  Hormones play a huge role in how you function, feel and look.  Pretty important stuff if you ask me! (This is coming from a guy that rocked 4-5 hours/night for many years getting this place going.)

isaac backpack

My walking and working buddy ready to go!

I do lots of manual labor. This is an interesting one.  For years I didn’t like it and thought it was a waste of my time.  My opinion has TOTALLY changed.

I’m adding value to our home and building an environment we can enjoy as a family.   I’m able to get things done while being active, and now I just put Isaac in his little pack and he’s learning the value of work before he can even walk!

I bang out sets of push-ups and swings as often as I can. 30 seconds here and there adds up over time.  This is known as the frequency method or as some call it “greasing the groove”.

You don’t need to kill yourself with brutal workouts, just make sure to continually do quality reps throughout your day and they will add up!

It doesn’t need to be fancy, just do it!!!!

Here are examples of ways to get in extra swings, additional push-ups and up your walking game respectively.

I’ve been getting back into Jiu-Jitsu.  This has been a passion of mine for many years, but life has a way of not allowing me to train consistently.  Injuries, work and scheduling conflicts have made my training incredibly sporadic over the years, but I’ve been getting 1-2 sessions/week with John Sanders for the past couple of months and it has BJJrekindled my love for the art.

I actually signed up for a competition at the end of the month, and that has been a huge factor in ensuring that I stay the course in all of the other areas listed above.

I’ve put a lot of blood and sweat into this process and if all goes well, I will have lost 32 pounds since beginning at 213 and (hopefully!) weighing in at 181 on the 27th. ***Edit, I weighed in at 179.5!!!***

So I ask of you 2 things this beautiful morning:

1. Please take any of the “simple” strategies I mentioned above and implement them for yourself.  Info on the Evolve Your Eating program can be found here.

2. If you would like to read about some of the lessons that I have learned while undertaking these changes, you can do so here!


Triathlon Training Team


Sprint triathlons are a great introduction to the sport of triathlon.  Sprint triathlons are three events (swim/bike/run) done in short, manageable distances that just about bootcamplogo_finaleveryone can complete.

Fun Intelligent Training and Jeremy’s Boot Camp have collaborated to put together a fun 10 week training program to get you ready for a sprint triathlon, whether it is your first or if you just want an awesome group of people to train with.

Participants will be issued a training plan that will take approximately 4-5 hours a week geared toward a beginner trainee, as well as a weekly training session with coaches to develop the skills necessary to successfully complete the Nashua Sprint Triathlon on June 12th.

To test your preparedness for race day, a mock triathlon based out of Clough Pond in Loudon will be held the week prior to the event.  In addition to skill development, participants will receive advice on what to bring, pack, how to plan, etc.  There will be ongoing support, accountability and encouragement provided throughout the 10 weeks including on race day.

Event and Date:download

Greater Nashua Sprint Triathlon 6/12/16
Event held in Merrimack.

Events and Distances:

Swim: 0.3 miles – Lake Naticook

Bike: 9.6 miles

Run: 3.1 miles (5k)

Price and what is included:

$199 – Race day registration included

  • Race Registration
  • 10 week training calendar
  • Weekly meetings: check in, biking, and running sessions
  • 1 hr pool rental and swim lesson
  • Mock Sprint Triathlon

$119 – W/o race day registration

  • 10 week training calendar
  • Weekly meetings: check in, biking, and running sessions
  • 1 hr pool rental to practice swim skills
  • Mock Sprint Triathlon

Start Date and time

10 weeks beginning Tuesday 4/5/16, be ready to hit the road at 6pm.

Mock Sprint Triathlon Saturday 6/4/16 at Clough Pond in Loudon. Time TBA.

Meeting Location:

Fun Intelligent Training unless otherwise indicated.

30 Henniker St

Concord, NH 03301

Please email to reserve your spot!

Winter Activities

I don’t know about you, but being outside in the fresh air is just about my favorite thing in the world (even though I can’t seem to make the necessary time for it as of late!)

I do notice a huge number of people tend to shy away from being outside during the cold and snowy winter months and this is a TRAVESTY!

If you put a bit of thought into what you wear you can be comfortable being outside in nearly any condition.  In this video I take a few minutes to explain the basics of how to layer for some different types of winter activities and give you some insight into what I have had success with after years of trial and error.

ScreenHunter_149 Feb. 03 12.25

Read more

OCR Training Camp

As so many of us know, obstacle course racing has become a very popular sport in recent years and we have a large contingent that has been participating in these events.  FIT recognizes that people want to start to become more involved in this sport and that there are many of you who want to improve upon what you have already accomplished.

Most people can climb through a mud pit or run over some bales of hay, but there are many people who find the strength based obstacles very challenging and even unattainable.  Obstacles like monkey bars, tire pulls, barbed wire crawls, wall climbs, rope climbs and the Hercules pull are just a few of the things that we know people struggle with.

This is where FIT comes in.  We will be offering and Obstacle Course Race training class starting Friday Sept 26.  Classes will be Friday evening at 5:30 and Sunday mornings at 9:00.  These classes will be designed to push your physical and mental limits while building a supportive team environment.

Tony Hurdling Toward the Finish!

Tony Hurdling Toward the Finish!

Friday classes will focus on power development, improving technique on specific obstacles and challenges and will include mini-mock race setups.

Sunday‘s class will be offsite “field trips” to local parks, farms and trails and focus on running and hiking with other conditioning drills incorporated into the trek.

The OCR Training Camp will be an 8 week block and will conclude just prior to the Fenway Spartan sprint. Put this in the Super Duper awesome file, but Livingsocial just put up a deal for Fenway registration at a HUGE DISCOUNT!

We are very excited to offer such a fun, yet intense and team building class for you.  Each class will be very challenging and filled with intensity much like an OCR.  You will be asked to push yourself to your limits and beyond.  We aim to help you mentally and physically push yourself to do more than you ever imagined.  That’s how you get results and that’s how we build the team bond.

So get ready to have fun, get sweaty, encourage your fellow teammates, and push yourself beyond your limits and see the progress you make in each class!!!

  • This will be an 8 week camp training starting Friday 9/26 and will culminate the week of the Fenway Spartan Sprint.
  • Friday at 5:30 will meet at FIT and gym days will entail power development, skill development and short mock race conditions. 
  • Sunday at 9:00 will be “field trips” (think trails, parks etc) and will be more endurance based and wicked super fun!!! (See below for schedule).
  • We are going to be building a couple of new surprise implements for you guys to train on specifically for this class!
  • There will be running involved in this camp.  You do not need to be a competitive runner to participate, but you do need to be able to perform some running.  If you have a question as to your ability to participate, feel free to touch base with me to discuss.

These are one time introductory prices and the next camp they will increase!!!

  • 8 Week Camp $69 (only $4.30/class!!!)Group
  • Drop in $10/class


  • 8 Week Camp $119 (only $7.43/class!)
  • Drop in $15/class

Second Half 4 week rates:


  • 4 Week Camp $39 (only $4.87/class!!!)
  • Drop in $10/class


  • 4 Week Camp $69 (only $8.65/class!)
  • Drop in $15/class

Please e-mail to register!

Sunday Schedule 9am unless noted:

9/28: FIT

10/5: White Park

10/12: Memorial Field

10/19: Gray Cat Farm (11:00am)

10/26: Portsmouth Street Conservation Center Trails

11/2: Mt. Major

11/9: Oak Hill


FIT Summer Adventure 2014

We’re gearing up for the

4th Annual FIT Summer Adventure

and we’d love to have you along with us

for the weekend!!!

This year, Thursday August 7th through Sunday August 10th, we are planning to head to Zoar Outdoor for what is looking to be an awesome time with a number of exciting activities…


On Friday we will taking off from the camping area early in the morning to get started on our White Water Rafting Excursion on the Dryway. The trip will take about 6 hours and include travel to the launch point, rafting, snack break, rafting, travel back to the campground and then lunch with a slideshow of the trip.


On Saturday we will be making our way to the top of Hawk Mountain and then Ziplining back down by way of 11 different lines, 2 sky bridges and 3 rappels!


We will be staying on site at Zoar Outdoor and will have the option of using their cabin tents or those of you that have your own gear can get tent sites if you prefer to bring your own living quarters.


Prices for above activities:

Camping in the Cabin Tents: $22/night/person

Camping in your own tent: $14/night/person

Rafting on the Dryway:  $101/person

Zip Line Canopy Tour:  $85/person


There are various other activities that you can participate in if you would like. We can help coordinate or you can contact Zoar Outdoor directly to setup other activities for you and/or your family/guests.


We will need to have your deposit no later than Monday, June 2nd!!!

50% of your total activity cost as a deposit and the remainder no later than July 4th!

Should something come up and you have to cancel after July 4th, you are still responsible for full payment of your activity (unless you choose to purchase activity insurance, 15% of your activity cost).

Please contact Jim by email, as soon as possible, to let him know which activities you would like to take part in and how you would like to make your deposit!!!


We are looking forward to yet another great adventure and hope you’ll come along!

Camp Patriot Climb

Our very own Jake St. Pierre has been asked to take part in a five-day ice climbing expedition on Mt. Washington to benefit Camp Patriot. Camp Patriot exists to take disabled U.S. veterans on outdoor activities to renew the dreams and visions for a meaningful future.

The team will be making a documentary for Camp Patriot, and camp member Keith will take center stage. Keith was injured overseas and will be climbing with a prosthetic leg. He has an amazing story and is looking forward to coming to New Hampshire to climb. The team’s goal is to raise funds and awareness for this great cause while showing Keith an amazing time.

Jake was invited by world famous mountaineer and Everest veteran Andy Politz. Andy was on the 1999 Everest expedition that discovered the body of English climber, George Mallory, who disappeared near the summit of Everest in 1924.

YouTube Preview Image

The team will be climbing January 14-18, tackling Huntington Ravine in the process. There will be a helicopter for aerial shots and the Mt. Washington Observatory has opened their doors to the climbers for the week. The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) has graciously offered to donate meals and International Mountain Equipment of North Conway will donate all necessary gear to the team for the expedition.

All donations are greatly appreciated and go directly to Camp Patriot.  The outdoors can be amazing therapy, both physically and mentally. Let’s show our support for Jake and our brave men and women in the armed forces. Please see a FIT employee if you would like to make a donation to this worthy cause. Thank you very much.

FIT Summer Adventure 2012

Thursday August 9th we will meet at FIT at 8:45 and caravan up to Gunstock to take on the Aerial Treetop Adventure as well as the Zip lines.  A group of FIT members completed the ATA course last summer and it exceeded our expectations!  The zip lines are purported to be the longest in North America as well!

We will then head up to Barnes Field at Dolly Copp Campground at the base of Mt. Washington to set up basecamp for the weekend.  We are site #6.

Reserve America has more specific details about the campsites as well.  The site has a 30 person max capacity, so we need to know ASAP if you plan to attend so we can reserve another site if need be.

Camping will be $5 per person per night.

Campers are expected to provide for themselves.  Please contact us immediately if you have questions regarding what you need for “tent camping”.

Friday and Saturday we will have many amazing opportunities to hike, paddle, climb ride and generally explore the beauty of the White Mountain National Forest.

Friday we will have 2 hikes planned: one group will be climbing Mt. Jackson and is a moderately challenging hike up one of NHs 4000′ peaks.

The other group will be trekking up the Tuckerman’s Ravine trail to Hermit Lake and the “Hojo” lodge.  This is a relatively easy hike and is about 2.5 miles up for a 5 mile round trip.  We will have views of the ravine while having lunch.  This is the “easy” hike, but be prepared and once again please ask questions immediately if you have any regarding your fitness level or equipment needs.

Saturday the advanced group will be climbing Mt. Adams.  This is a challenging hike up one of NH’s highest peaks.

I’m leaving the agenda open for the people that do not want to make that climb.  We can determine the plan based upon what the group wants to do, or if people want to explore independently they can use this day to do so.

Groups will rendezvous at the campsite at 8:00 with an 8:30 am departure time unless you have made other plans with the respective trip leader (Jake: Jefferson and Adams, Eric: Tuckerman’s Ravine Trail).

Sunday August 12th we will pack up and begin the trip south…to play some PAINTBALL at OSG Paintball!  What better way to cap of an epic 4 days of adventure than to shoot some of your favorite people!

As I said we have developed A’ la carte pricing, so you can pick and choose what you are able to attend.

You can reserve your spot by contacting

Still not sure?  GO HERE!

October 2011 Member Contest

The October contest is here and we decided to do something a bit seasonal this month, both for the contest and prizes!

We are calling this month’s contest the…

FIT Fall Foliage Foto (see what I did there?) Contest!


Here’s how it works:

  1. Think of an old  favorite, or new favorite NH scenic spot, visit it and take a picture of yourself sporting a piece of FIT apparel (conveniently for you in stock apparel is 20% off for a limited time)
  2. Post it on and make it your profile picture for the remainder of the month from whenever you add it (the sooner the better because)…
  3.  Get as many people to “LIKE” the picture as you can by October 31st (make sure people “like” the photo on the FIT page in order for the votes to count)

The person with the most “LIKES” gets a FREE FIT hoodie of your choosing AND $50 off your November membership dues.

The runner up gets a FIT tee shirt and $25 off November membership so there are lots of goodies to go around.


Nami Walks

Please join us to help raise money for a great cause and hang out with some awesome people…and you will be getting some exercise to boot.

We are putting together a Fun Intelligent Training team for the NAMI Walk and would love for you to join us!


When: Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011 at 9:30 am

Where: NH Hospital, Concord NH

Why: To help raise money and awareness for Individuals with Mental Illness


  1. Visit THIS SITE 
  2. Select Register Online Now
  3. Select Click here to create your account
  4. Complete form and Continue to next page
  5. Click Continue to NAMI Walks registration 
  6. Confirm contact info, select Fun Intelligent Training from the dropdown, agree to the terms and select Register and Proceed
  7. Follow prompts to complete registration

As always, please share this page with your friends and family to try and get more people involved.  The buttons right below this post will allow you to do so through different outlets and you can also copy and paste the URL

into your email or social network and add a personal message to invite your friends and family.

As always you can go “old school” and sit down with people and force them to sign up!!!

If you know people that can not participate but are willing to donate, please ask them to do the following:

  2. Click on a walker’s name that you would like to donate to
  3. Select “Sponsor Me Now”
  4. Follow prompts

Pedaling for Payson


Please join us to help raise money for a great cause and hang out with some awesome people…and you will be getting some exercise to boot.

We are putting together a Fun Intelligent Training team for Pedaling for Payson and would love for you to join us!

What: Pedaling for Payson Bike Ride

When: Saturday, Sept. 17th, 2011 at 10:30am

Where: Elm Brook Park Hopkinton NH

Why: To help  support out-of-pocket expenses for patients in need at Concord Hospital Payson Center for Cancer Care.


  1. Visit THIS SITE
  2. Select Join our Team
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the registration process

As always, please share this page with your friends and family to try and get more people involved. The buttons right below this post will allow you to do so through different outlets and you can also copy and paste the URL

into your email or social network and add a personal message to invite your friends and family.

As always you can go “old school” and sit down with people and force them to sign up!!!

If you know people that can not participate but are willing to donate, please ask them to do the following:

  2. Follow the prompts

FIT Summer Adventure Recap

The first annual FIT Summer Adventure was a success.  21 people were brave enough to accompany us waaay up into Maine for a long weekend of adrenaline pumping good time,  but don’t take my word for it…

The first video shows some of the exploits of the rafting trip:

YouTube Preview Image

The second video contains some skydiving and hiking fun.

YouTube Preview Image

And finally this is what some of the participants had to say about the trip.

YouTube Preview Image

You can also check out some of the pictures from the trip in this

Facebook Album

If you went please leave a comment to let us know what you thought of the trip.

If you didn’t go, why the hell not!?!?!?  Feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you would like to do for the winter adventure as well.

Weekend Workout

People ask us all the time what they should do when they are not coming in for BOOTCAMP or Dainty Boys.

Should I run (blah)?  Maybe go the the “gym” and hit some isolation exercises like curls and calf raises (nooooooooooooo!)

Honestly, you should do something that makes you sweat.  We can get more detailed than that regarding what is optimum for each person’s goals, but it is pretty much that simple for most.

Here is what I did for my “workouts” this weekend:

During a break from cutting, splitting and stacking firewood at my cousin’s Saturday morning.

Finished!!! Sunday afternoon.  Take note of:

1. There is 3 rows stacked OUTSIDE the shed (disregard the last row, we threw in the towel at that point and just tossed em there paying no attention to structural integrity/aesthetics)

2. Look at the sawdust!  It wraps around out of view behind the pile!

He had some of it done beforehand, but we are estimating we ripped through about 5-6 cord Saturday and Sunday.  That was certainly a few calories burnt.

Then it was time for some fun (if you don’t consider performing the above in 90 degree heat fun, that is.)

Unfortunately I left my camera in my black truck that was sitting in direct sun on a 90 degree day.  The first trip we took was waaaay more muddy, but I had no juice to take pictures.

We took a break to grab some water at the top of a really technical climb.

Shorty is pretty new to riding but picking it up quickly.  Jay and I have been riding anything we can get our hands on since we were really little.

This was a rather leisurely ride, but we all got a good workout on this trip.  If you don’t think riding is exercise, grab some safety gear and meet us for a little toot.  I’m willing to bet it doesn’t take long to get a boiling sweat worked up, even in the winter time!

Just for fun, check out the little fuzz ball, I mean Zephyr.

Little guy is really hard to get a good picture of.  I got these 2 good ones after about 5 minutes of trying!

Oh yeah, I almost forget.  Plan to keep September 10th open for the

FIT Fall Festa!

Let the Awesomeness Commence!

The wicked awesome sweet time that is the first annual FIT Adventure Weekend is upon us at long last!

This will be my attempt at taking the chaos in my brain and organizing it for all of you non-ADD types.  Hang on tight!


Friday 7/15

9:45: Meet at FIT Academy

10:00: Depart for Maine

3:00ish: Arrive at Penobscot River Outpost, check in and set-up

6:00: Group briefing

Night: Karaoke at the bah

Saturday 7/16

6:00-7:30: breakfast for $7.00 per person.

7:30: Check in for rafting

4:30: Trip return

5:30: The photos and video are shown (approximately 1hour after the trip returns.)

7:30: Pot luck dinner at the site.  Bring goodies to share with everyone and have a good time.

Night time: Roy Hudson Band at the Bah

Sunday 7/17

8:00: check in for skydiving.  Skydivers are put on the roster by order of reservation date unlessotherwise noted. Approximate rate of tandem jumps is 2 jumps every 30 minutes.

5:30: Break down and head for:

  1. Home (if you are going home)
  2. Baxter State Park (if you are hiking Mt. Katahdin)

Monday 7/18

6:30: Breakfast

7:30: Hit the trail

Tuesday 7/19

Go home!


There is supposedly cell phone service at the campground.  Have printed directions just in case you get separated from the group and lose service.

Take interstate 95 north to exit 44 onto 295 north, which merges with 95 north again in Gardiner. Continue north and take exit 244 off I-95. Follow Route11 & 157 west toward Millinocket. Continue through Medway and East Millinocket. The Medway Road, the road to “The Home of Serious Fun” is on theleft, exactly 8 miles from I-95 (same road as the airport). After left continue 1.2 miles and the entrance is on the right. Have a safe trip!
YouTube Preview Image
Item Qty Misc
Clothes toiletries pillow
socks 3 flashlight/headlamp tent
underwear 3 camera sleeping bag
t-shirts 3 towel mattress
long sleeve 1 sunglasses chair
mid layer 1 glasses leash Food
rain jacket 1 sunscreen plate
bathing suit 1 bug spray bowl
shorts 2 camera/accessories spoon
pants 1 backpack fork
sun hat 1 water bottles/bladder knife
Shoes cooler cup
sandals 1 ice
hiking boots 1
h2o shoes 1


Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner
Friday Home Road Road Road 1
Saturday optional/$7.00 1 Supplied 1 pot luck
Sunday 1 1 1 1 1
re-stock re-stock re-stock re-stock re-stock re-stock
Monday 1 on trail on trail on trail 1
Tuesday 1 Road Road Road
Road=you choose Trail=packable


Spartan Race

We had an amazing turnout at the Renegade Playground Challenge in June that I wanted to share with everyone another race coming up in August.

This is called the Spartan Race and is a 10-12 mile course with in excess of 18 obstacles that is taking place August 6th at Killington VT.  This is a much longer course than the Renegade and the obstacles are more challenging, so consider yourself forewarned!

YouTube Preview Image

I touched base with the organizers am am excited to be able to offer a $10 discount to anyone that registers with the Code:


Very creative code they came up with…but I digress.

Click here to Register, and don’t forget to enter “ERIC” as the code to save $10!

If you know anyone else that may be interested feel free to let them know, and I have some pamphlets that you can take and hand out as well.

Renegade Part Deux

This Saturday, October 8 is the second coming of the Renegade Playground Challenge. We had a great turnout last time and this time is set to be no different. If you haven’t signed up, please do your best to show up and cheer on your fellow FIT nation members.  We will have an area for people to gather with shade and water.  Please be sure to wear your FIT gear to show your support!

Below is a picture of the hard-core that participated and hung out after the event last time…

There are a TON of additional photos on the Fun Intelligent Training facebook page, so

CLICK HERE if you want to see the rest

We have a team lined up for the next Renegade Playground Challenge on October 8th.  We have 2 different times most people are participating in: 10:00 and 11:20.  Feel free to choose whichever one works best for you.

Registration is currently closed for this Saturday’s event but we’ll update you on the next Renegade as it gets closer.

Register here

Check out Jodi at the 9 second mark rockin’ the FIT BOOTCAMP shirt!

YouTube Preview Image

Angie showing her pearly whites after belly flopping out of the bus into about 6″ of mud just before the finish line.

Jake apparently thought the course was a bit too easy, so he decided to spice things up and give himself a bit more of a challenge!

Christina is celebrating her achievements of the past 2 weeks:

  1. Completing the Renegade Playground Challenge
  2. Completing her first sprint triathlon and
  3. Losing her 100th pound!!!!

Patrick is the sauciest male nurse I know.  And that is saying something because I know a lot of male nurses…

Hannah and Allison rockin’ their custom made FIT get up.  Hannah went on to finish 2nd in the women’s division and 15th overall!!!

Deb, Kristina and Dee truckin’ through the muck

The old guy decided once wasn’t enough so he did the course a second time just for fun.

Gotta show momma-san some love…


I couldn’t resist another picture of Pat after a hard days work.


Jake, I think you got a little smudge on your cheek…

Below is a list of everyone’s times from the last event.

Click on the image to enlarge it for a better view.


We had an awesome time and can’t wait to do it again this Saturday.  Fun Intelligent Training is currently the largest team for the next event and we want to keep it that way.


Are YOU a Renegade?

It’s finally here!

We will have a bunch of people participating, so please come and support your fellow BOOTCAMPERS even if you are not registered.

Hoot and holler encouragement, take pictures and videos and just plain have fun.

We will be giving out prizes at random to people we see wearing FIT gear, so be sure to sport a shirt or tank during the race and while hanging out after.  As a special thank you we have new BOOTCAMP tank tops coming in and are offering them for $15 through the end of Saturday’s event.

We will have a nice comfy space set up with shade, tables and chairs, and maybe some refreshments.  We may even bring up some gear to have impromptu workouts throughout the day if people are interested.

I was reading through the FAQ section and it looks like they are kicking people out about 5pm.  Give me a shout on Facebook if you are interested in hanging out after the event and I’ll see what I can do about finding a nice location near the track for people to congregate.  Maybe a pool, grill, refreshments etc.

I will be up there early to set up and some people are meeting at my parent’s house (which conveniently is right down the road from the track).  Once again let me know if you would like to meet before the race and I will give you directions Eric on Facebook

Below is a link to the FAQ section of the Renegade site:

Click here to get directions to the event at NHMS

1122 Route 106 North
Loudon, NH 03307


What’s in a name?

Where did it all begin?

The fitness world is riddled with gimmicks, hype, and buzz-words. Anything to grab your attention and rip your dollars from your pocket. Sure some things are based in truth, others are just bold lies. One buzz-word that has been gaining more and more attention as of late is “functional training,” or “functional strength.” I’d like to take the time to explain to you what that really is because I see it being misused quite a bit.

The term itself actually derives from physical therapy and rehabilitation work. Essentially people go to PT when they’ve injured themselves or are recovering from a surgery. So in essence the physical therapists job is to make the injured or debilitated body part functional again. In that sense functional training is very literal. Some where along the lines people started to realize doing body building type workouts and exercises didn’t really have much application in the performance athletics world. Different training types like the circuit training we do at FIT started to gain in popularity. Obviously this kind of training is very high in intensity, especially compared to more “traditional” training. For whatever reason people always seem to feel that the harder something is the better it must be for them. This is about the time that “functional training” as a phrase started to become abused. Experts and casual gym goers alike argued that the varied nature of circuit training prepared you more for sports and day to day physical activities than regular weight lifting or doing distance cardio keeping a steady heart beat. It’s unfortunate that in the fitness world everyone has their own “best way” of training, but all these high-intensity circuit training junkies were falling into the same trap as people decades before them fell into by going to the gym and doing straight sets of bench presses and bicep curls every day: Only training one aspect of fitness.

But there must be ONE type of training that is best, right?

There absolutely is, and that type of training is…The one that best suits your needs and goals. I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve let the term functional training slip out of my mouth more than a few times, and a couple years back the concept really made sense to me. That concept being, the more “real-world” training I did, the more “functional strength” I was building, strength that meant something, not just how to move weight in the gym. But through experience and keeping an open mind, I’ve moved to a term I think works much better: Applicable training. I know, it’s definitely not as sexy sounding. Here is an example, If I’m a soccer player, I’ll probably want to have a lot of running in my program, because running is applicable to soccer, but if I’m a professional arm wrestler, than running probably wouldn’t help me a whole lot in my training and doesn’t serve much function for me.

What if I’m not an athlete? What if I just want to be in shape?

There are those of us, that may not compete in any sport, maybe we just want to look good in a bathing suit, and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. Despite your goals I still feel there are some basic fundamental things you need to have in order to be a healthy individual, and there are certain exercises that unarguably will help you get there. If your body doesn’t function properly, it can be difficult to develop more specialized skills.  Being able to perform a squat to where your hamstrings become parallel to the floor, being able to bring your arm over head so that your ear is forward of your bicep, etc…These are all basic human movements that everyone should strive to be able to do. And if you’re not training for a sport, there is no better opportunity to dabble in all different types of exercise! At FIT we try to make you as healthy and well rounded as possible, and that means training smart and not hard. That’s why you’ll see us employ a lot of different workouts from varying circuit lengths, to straight sets with different rep schemes, and even strongman type training like farmers walks and car pulling! The most important thing is that you stay active, eat well, and of course, HAVE FUN! ~ Tony P.

FIT Members in the Hippo

Fit members Jake St. Pierre and Bridget Meunier were feature in the 4/7 issue of the Hippo explaining how they are training for upcoming Adventure Races including the Tough Mudder and Renegade Playground Challenge.

Select “Join a Team” and then select “FIT” from the following link if you want to join

The FIT Renegade Playground Challenge Team.

To read the story follow the link to the 4/7/11 issue of the Hippo.  The story starts on the bottom of page 13.

Hippo: Adventure Races-Marathon Running is Simply Boring

Here is the first in a series of weekly at home workouts for those of you that are not able to make it into the FIT Academy to train with us.

YouTube Preview Image

Enter your name and e-mail at the top right of this page if you would like to get weekly video updates sent to your inbox.  As a bonus you will get tons of free stuff as well!

Not Your Average Recess

Ready to show the rest of New England what Fun Intelligent Training is made of?! Summer is coming and with it a slew of obstacle course events that are geared to challenge your mind and body, to push your limits and to make it fun! Since you’re all used to this by now with your training at FIT, this should be a walk in the park for most of you. One of these obstacle courses is coming right to our backyard on June 4, 2011 at the NH Motor Speedway in Loudon.

The Renegade Playground Challenge is just over a 3 mile run, obstacle course and adventure race that is for the adrenaline junkie in all of us. As such, we want to make a big presence known at this event so we are asking anyone interested in dominating this event with the rest of FIT to register soon. The fee is at $80 right now and will increase to $90 come 4/30. Registration closes completely on May 20. When you register, sign up for the ‘FIT’ team and help us make Fun Intelligent Training a house hold name when we take this thing over!

So if you think you have what it takes (and we know you do!) click the link below to sign up!

Proper Hydration

Hey FIT members. It’s Katy Magoon from Hannaford. Hope you are all staying well and staying FIT!

I’m here to talk to you today about hydration. Being properly hydrated plays a huge role in your athletic performance especially since water makes up nearly 65 percent of your total body weight. When you are at FIT or while doing any other vigorous activity you inevitably will sweat and lose fluid and electrolytes like sodium and potassium from your body. If you don’t hydrate properly during or after a vigorous workout you are at risk of becoming dehydrated.

Being dehydrated can significantly decrease your energy level making you feel sluggish and lethargic and can hamper you from reaching peak performance. Studies show that even a 2 percent loss of body weight via sweat and fluid loss can keep you from reaching your peak potential.

Other complications of dehydration include: extreme muscle cramping, heart rhythm disturbances, dizziness, and fainting.

When it comes to maintaining proper hydration you need to do a couple of things.

First and foremost, remember to drink fluids throughout the day. We often get so busy at work or school that we go hours without drinking anything and then go to workout and are even more susceptible to developing dehydration. Keep a water bottle on your desk at work, in your car, or in your gym bag so that you always have the opportunity to hydrate. I suggest that you hydrate yourself with water more often than not; however, other suitable alternatives include non-caffeinated herbal teas, seltzer water, fat-free milk, or 100% percent juice cut with water to decrease the sugar content.

Second. Be sure to hydrate prior to working out at FIT or engaging in any other form of vigorous activity. As a rule of thumb, I suggest taking in 8-16 ounces of fluid, preferably water, within 20 minutes of working out.

Third. Be careful not to OVER hydrate. Make sure that you are drinking to replace sweat but don’t overdo it. If you over hydrate during exercise you run the risk of developing an extreme electrolyte imbalance called “hyponatremia”, which has the potential to be life threatening.

Fourth. Don’t forget to hydrate during your workout either. It’s a good idea to take in 4oz of fluid every 15-20 minutes during vigorous physical activity such as during a bootcamp or session of Dainty Boys.  As a rule of thumb, when Eric or Tony offers you a break between circuits go grab a drink at the water cooler even if you don’t think you need it.

And lastly, get to know the rate at which you sweat so you can replace your fluid losses post workout. Your sweat rate is individual and will be impacted by the intensity of your workout as well as the weather conditions and temperature in which you are exercising in. If you hydrated during your workout and still weigh less than what you did in the morning or pre-workout, then you are likely not drinking enough during the day, prior to your workout, or during your workout to replace your water losses. So drink up!

And as always, stay well and stay FIT!

(Don’t forget to check out the remainder of free nutrition classes offered by Katy at the Concord Hannaford store). March Nutrition Class Schedule

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