A Healthy Shift in Perspective.

Like I said in my last blog, entitled FOOD IS FUEL, I have recently had a change in the way I think about eating.  I have been trying to shape my diet for my training.  I am working towards seeing food as fuel, not just something that should be as enjoyable (and consumed in as much of a bulk form) as possible.

I mentioned how I have modified my diet to increase my energy level during Bootcamp, and how this ironically made more food necessary.  Too often, I think, people assume that a “diet” means that less food is consumed.  My diet has actually grown to accommodate my needs for exercise, but it just involves more good things and less bad.

At my job I work with mostly guys who are between twenty and thirty years old.  Needless to say, food is a pretty big deal to my coworkers.  They all buy lunch just about every day, and it usually involves steak bombs, cheeseburger subs, French fries, onion rings, or some combination of all of the above.  Because of my pursuit of grad school and all I really can’t afford to eat like they do, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t watched with my mouth watering as a steaming hot steak and cheese was unwrapped next to me.  Oftentimes I would buy an appetizer though as they were a lot cheaper than the main subs and meals and I would get my grease-fix that way.  You know what’s funny though?  As I wrap up my third week at Fun Intelligent Training, I have found that I no longer look on that food with a jealous eye.  Since I have put myself in the mindset of dieting for training I see that food not as a temptation but as what could be nothing other than a major setback in my routine.  Why would I inject myself with eighty or ninety grams of fat and who knows how much cholesterol just a few short hours before training?  What a waste!  I instead have found that I love and appreciate my turkey sandwich on wheat bread, apple, and yogurt more than ever.

Just so you don’t think I’m some sort of food snob now though, you should know that I had a piece of homemade cheesecake last night that my best friend’s sister made.  And you know what?  It was good!  My change in perspective towards food doesn’t mean that I can’t

At Loudon, no less!

ever enjoy a treat now and then.  It does mean though that for 99% of the time my purpose for eating has changed.  My meals are my pit stop before I hit the track again rather than purely recreational breaks in the day.

I should also mention the fact that I have been drinking a lot more water.  Well, I’m trying to at least.  A half-gallon a day has been my average; sometimes more and sometimes less.  What a difference that makes though!  It’s tough at first because you feel a little like you’re drowning yourself.  After a while though your body gets used to the extra fluid, uses it, and stops storing it around your middle which is great.  Yes, I have learned that some of the flab that might be around your stomach and sides can just be water that your body is storing.  If you don’t drink enough your body essentially thinks that you’re living in a drought!

Bootcamp is great, and now that I am actually fuelled and hydrated it is even greater.  Simple steps made one at a time in a specific direction will lead you a greater distance than a wild sprint in a general direction.

I’ll keep you posted.  Feel free to post your own comments and thoughts below!

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